How To Avoid Getting Duped The Next Time You Go Diamond Shopping

Brilliant Diamond Ring
Brilliant Diamond Ring

On one knee, as the waves beat the shore, and as the sun peeks over the horizon; you have a dazzling, exquisite piece of a diamond ring in your hands as you ask your lady love the much awaited question. A well-designed brilliant cut diamond engagement ring will make your most prized moment all the more special.

But there is a big problem. The minute there is something good, and the demand is there for it; people will try to fulfil that demand in one way or the other. iPhone’s are good for their interesting interface and usability, and because of this there are many Chinese manufacturers that create a fake iPhone to fill in the demand.

Something as precious as diamonds are victims to this as well! Fraudsters succeed in creating a “fake brilliant diamond ring” and sell them to uninformed buyers. These buyers will think luck has showered them with a diamond that is so cheap in comparison, and will end up buying thousands of dollars worth of the stone.

Especially if you are undertaking such a costly, prized asset, it is always wise to research and take an informed decision!

What To Look Out For?

The 4C’s are one of the ways in which first time buyers can begin studying diamond. Ask any veteran jeweller and they will whole heartedly agree with the statement.

The 4C’s include:


Heavily affects the value of the diamond. A well cut diamond will add to the diamonds further brilliance and create the sparkle that draws eyes near and far. A poorly cut diamond won’t reflect the light, and won’t shimmer anywhere near to how a well cut diamond would.

The cut grade varies but make sure you get one that has either a shallow or an ideal grade of cut.


This is another important thing to consider. Colourless white diamonds are highly rare, and costs even higher than the rarest blue and green diamonds. The colour is as a result of impurities. The colour is entirely upto your taste. The grade varies from D to Z and the price falls in the same order.


There are tiny white specks on some diamonds that you can see under the microscope. More the number of inclusion and imperfection, lower is the price. The grade FL is the best and stands for Flawless.


This is the weight of the diamond, with 1 carat equalling 200 milligrams. This isn’t all that important, as a stone with smaller carat but better cut and clarity will price higher than a diamond that is heavier.

Look For The GIA Certification

One of the must dos is to look for a GIA certification for the diamond you’re looking for. Everything about the grade of all the 4C’s will be certified on it. Do not accept an in-house certification, as this amount to peanuts!

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