The diamond ring setting of your engagement ring is really important. In fact, this must be the first decision that you must take when you start your search for the perfect sparkler. Note that the diamond ring setting will give you a clear idea regarding the type of gemstones you need to choose. Furthermore, a

In most conventional engagement rings, whether solitaire pieces or those with a center stone and accompanying stones, you will notice there are baskets, prongs or clasps that hold the center stone in place. However, tension set engagement rings will not have these claws, clasps, or baskets. Instead, the means of holding it in place is

If it has been requested specifically, but then you have been given some amount of leeway with regards to design, the solitaire diamond setting functions as a wonderful ‘blank canvas’. This is because simple designs often carry the most beauty, and there are lots of subtle ways to add interest or slightly more flair to

The most desirable quality of all diamond engagement rings is their sparkle. Everyone loves the brilliant shine of a diamond, but how to find a diamond with maximum brilliance can sometimes be tricky. To do this you would have to acquire some knowledge about diamonds. What Makes a Diamond Sparkle? It is the interaction of

Bezel setting for diamond engagement rings is one of the most popular among brides today. It is characterized by a metal frame, which encompasses the edge of the center stone. Below are a few facts about bezel ring settings. Protection One of the main reasons why a large number of people prefer the bezel setting

Engagement rings add value to your appearance when they draw the attention of those around. The size of a diamond ring plays a major role in doing this. Therefore, it is observed that people usually try to maximize the size of their diamond. There are many ways, in which you can make your engagement ring

Engagement rings these days come with a range of settings to hold precious stones. Of these, the bezel and prong settings have long been favored by the majority of buyers. Each is visibly and materially different from the other, performing distinct roles and going well with different diamond cuts and carat weights. Given below is

A bezel set ring is one of the popular design options in the market. The setting is protective of its centerpiece diamond or gemstone. A bezel set diamond or engagement ring is one that uses a setting, where its center stone is fully encircled by metal. Bezels have a fine rim of metal, either plain