Best CBD Wedding Gifts

You would have been over the moon when you got news that your best friend was tying the knot! The lovely couple who had set the bar for couple goals were now going to walk down the aisle. You being their best friend would have reserved a special spot as one of the bridesmaids or as the best man. In your pursuit to find them a wedding gift, that sets you apart and one that they will remember for decades to come, you stumble from ecommerce site to ecommerce site, and then retail stores to stores. But the only thing that you find is the usual cliché gift of home appliances or maybe a mug set at best. What if your best friend to be wed is the ultra-chill groom or bride who you would want to give something all the more special? What if you want to give something that is completely different and out of the box?

CBD gifts could be the answer you are looking for!

CBD has made the waves all over, with us millennials chatting about it on various platforms from social media to YouTube and Instagram influencers speaking about the new CBD make-up line that not only makes you look mesmerising but has done away with all the harsh chemicals that end up taking a toll on your skin in the long run. Much of the older generations have also come to terms with the life changing drug and have started opening themselves up to CBD for treatment for their chronic pain and even diabetes.

The best thing of CBD is the variety of ways in which you can consume and enjoy it. It could be as an easy to apply topical cooling spray, an inhalable mist or even a gummy bear. This is just a mere sliver of the variety of ways in which CBD product are packaged and made available to the masses. The popularity has reached such a fever pitch that this has turned into a $1 billion industry with the state of California itself reporting sales of worth a half billion in the year 2018. And with the blooming of the CBD and hemp market comes choices for consumers to sift through, and CBD wedding gifts are just one of them!

We will be taking a look into the best CBD gifts that are out there, for you to gift to the next lucky to-be bride or groom! But before that, have a little field trip as to what CBD is all about.


The multitasker of the pharma world. This is one herbal alternative that has held the name for being an excellent fighter against most of the ailments that plague the society nowadays. Be it arthritis or insomnia or osteoporosis or simply anxiety; CBD has you covered all the way! The cannabis plant from which it is extracted has many other such substances that compete with CBD, but they are nowhere near a rival to it. These substances are called cannabinoids and include the likes of the all too familiar THC and other compounds like Chromenes and flavonoids.

CBD unlike the others in the mix is a strong therapeutic substance that receives accolades for its pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. The way in which it is able to sooth your anxiety and boost the production of serotonin is another reason why this miracle drug is able to put a wide smile on all of its users. If you feel yourself even restless and aching for sleep, then look no further and dive into CBD headfirst. Before you know it, you would have had the most satisfying, well-rested sleep that you have had in ages!

But of all the things that CBD is capable of doing, without doubt one of the USPs of CBD is its ability to not intoxicate. For those who are still moving with the crowd and holding on to the rumours, CBD does not create any of the feelings of “high” or giddiness that you would generally associate marijuana with. You must keep in mind that CBD is only one of the hundred other cannabinoids that you will find in it. The cause for the intoxication when you smoke a spiff or nibble on edibles is because of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. The THC makes up as much as 35% of the cannabis you smoke and is a strong psychosis inducing agent!

CBD on the other hand is strictly anti-psychoactive. That means you can vape, smoke, eat, drink or apply the CBD for your ailments and well-being without the hassle of being “high”!

Here are the lists of CBD gifts that you can give your best friend on their wedding day!

Top CBD Gifts As Wedding Presents

  • Lord Jones High CBD Formula Body Lotion

This is one of the must haves. You can apply the lotion from head to toe engulfing yourself in the rejuvenating benefits of Hemp derived CBD. The lotion is not sticky and will skim across your skin and joints soothing it and preventing outbreaks of acne on the skin. The product is made to under strict quality assurances and certification. The high quality brand is more on the luxury line-up side, but without doubt a great wedding gift to give.

  • Naturopathica Chill Full Spectrum CBD & Kava Balm

This is another great CBD product that includes the goodness of essential fats, oils and other such botanical extracts. A must have for your skin. You can lather it onto your face, which will nourish it bringing in a new natural healthy glow to your face!

  • Highline Wellness

This is one company that puts out great CBD oils that include many other rich compounds in it. If as the best man or bridesmaid, do you see your best friend getting the pre-wedding jitters? Then simply gift this 100% vegan, gluten-free, home grown U.S hemp CBD oil. The method in which it is extracted is by means of CO2 extraction, meaning there are far fewer contaminants and impurities in the oil. Simply fill in the dropper, extract the required dose and squirt it into the mouth. The CBD will work its way into the system and before you know, your buddy will be all smiles while planning the wedding of their dreams!

  • Sunday Scaries

They have a line of full-spectrum CBD gummy bears which is grown on the pesticide-free hemp farms of Colorado. The best thing of this is that you can easily pop in a few gummy bears in, when you feel yourself contemplating life decision while at the altar. The calmness elevating effects of the CBD gummy bears and the sweet savoury taste is all that is needed to make your worries go bye-bye! These also have other vitamins such as B12 and D3 to help you balance the nervous system and boost the immune system. The last thing you need the morning of the wedding is a runny nose!

  • Lord Jones-Handmade Gummy Drops

These scream luxury the minute you lay hands on it. A pack of 9 gummy drops that have been handmade sits snuggly in the scented metallic casing. You can see the care that went into each and every gummy drop. They taste great and for a second you may even forget that they are CBD gummy bears. The CBD oils further contain broad spectrum phytocannabinoid-rich formula. They are effective and potent, and a fun way to incorporate all of the CBD goodness into the routine.

  • Nature Of things-Restorative Floral Bath

Sometimes you just need to cool off and submerge yourself in a tub. What better way to do it than with Nature of things-Restorative Floral Bath. This is one amazing product by Nature of things! The floral bath adds hints of various aromas from Jasmine, cedar wood and plumeria. All the while you soak in all of the goodness of Shea butter, green tea and Kahai; these do a great job in moisturising and soothing the skin. All you have to do, is simply add this into your tub of warm water and dwell into a realm of ultimate calmness and relaxation.

  • Vertly- Lip Butter

You may all be aware of how much cracked lips hurt! The ollution and the dryness of the air don’t do anything to help either. Don’t you want to make sure that their significant other feels the touch of your best friends supple lips after the minister pronounces them “Husband and Wife”? Worry not, as the Vertly lip butter is here to save the day. This lip butter is infused with peppermint and tinted rose, so that every time you swipe the lip balm across your dry lips, it moisturises and heals them.

  • Beam Boost Hydrogel

This is for those sudden stiff shoulders and strained ankles from all the running around all the wedding day! The Hydrogel is cool to touch and works its way into your skin and site of pain the minute you apply it on. It also has a citrus scent to it that makes it aromatic and lovely to smell. What is even better is its quick dry technology that enables you to apply it on the go, and yes it dries fast!

Things To Look Out For When Purchasing CBD Gifts For Wedding

Make sure that you look into the supplier. All the manufacturers mentioned prior have proper certification and their testing is done via a recognized third-party lab. Also make sure that your best friend doesn’t have any allergies! Ask them to simply put a dab of the product and wait for 24 hours; if there are no problems then go ahead!

Make your best friend’s wedding all the more special with bit of CBD in their life!

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