Five Less-Known Facts About Gin

Gin is a strong alcoholic drink that is ideal for consumption in warm seasons. It has between 35% and 55% alcohol by volume. How much are you aware of it? Read the following gin facts, and you will have some information to share with your friends the next time you drink it with them.

The Netherlands Was The First To Make It

Gin is unofficially regarded as England’s national spirit, but the Netherlands produced it first. British people found Dutch gin when combating in the Eighty Years’ War, and they took it home. The London gin that many are familiar with today was created over 100 years after the war.

Franciscus Sylvius Is Perhaps Genever’s Inventor

The physician named Franciscus Sylvius is thought to have invented Dutch gin as medication in the 1600s. The high-proof alcoholic concoction by Dr. Sylvius is thought to have made blood flow better and improved some health issues. In the Eighty Years’ War, army people were provided with a gin named ‘Dutch Courage’.

Philippines People Drinks It The Most

Many of us think that the Brits consumed the ‘firewater’ the most. Do you also think English people consume it more than individuals from every other nation? If yes, reconsider. The diehard fans of it may not be who you believe they are. According to recent data, the largest number of gin drinkers in the world is considered to be in the Philippines.

The UK Royal Navy People Drank The Gimlet To Prevent Scurvy

Many years ago, it was not a relaxing vacation for English people who worked in the United Kingdom’s Royal Navy to sail the open ocean. There was a major possibility of demise for them due to diseases. So they added lime juice in gin to stop a disease known as scurvy, which occurred due to vitamin C deficiency. The cocktail was termed the ‘Gimlet’ at that time. One can thank the UK naval warfare force for that.

It Is Not Meant To Drink Straight

To consume an alcoholic drink neat means to do it with no ice or mix. People used to drink gin thus in the past, but the habit changed when they discovered that it was a potentially great base spirit for cocktails. To let the strong alcoholic drink pass down the throat, they added it to other substances for making cocktails. Many gin cocktails are made nowadays.

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