Picking A Setting That Suits The Ring You Will Wear Daily

Bezel Set Diamond Ring
Bezel Set Diamond Ring

When choosing a ring for daily use, you should think about more factors than its rate and appearance. Confirm that it is a practical and comfortable option as well as that its stones are secure and well-protected. It is worth knowing the benefits and downsides of various settings for the right choice, including the following.

Bezel Setting

The term bezel refers to a metal band element around a gemstone that holds it securely in place. It may partially or fully encircle the gemstone. The bezel setting protects the pavilion and girdle of gemstones well as well as is usable for most stones. It offers a smooth surface for the ring, which will not usually snag clothing. If done properly, the setting would hold gemstones well and would not need maintenance or repairs later.

A partial tube setting allows more light to enter the stone and offers good protection. However, a downside is that it is more expensive and time-consuming to execute a bezel set diamond ring than one with the bead or prong setting.

Pave Or Bead Setting

In the bead setting, gems are placed in narrow holes almost at the same level as the ring surface. It is set with a part of the metal around it raised to constitute beads that hold the gemstones in place.

At least two rows of gems are not set thus with no partition between the stones, so the setting is described with the word pave. In French, the word means paved, similarly to a cobbled road.

The setting may keep gemstones safer than prongs as these are typically set lower and allows unbroken designs that vary in width. As a pave design spans the mounting surface, it offers the illusion of larger gems that are more in number than they are. On the downside, it is generally a risky ring setting as it invites potential stone damage. Good diamonds, sapphire and ruby stones can resist the pressures of getting pave-set, but fragile stones might get damaged.

Flush Setting

It is a well-known style among people who use their hands a lot for work and who do not wish to take off their rings. The setting protects gemstones well enough as it sets them flush in narrow holes and they do not protrude. The setting keeps the girdle of the gemstone safe and can secure the stones well. However, it is another risky setting for fragile gemstones.

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