Why Women Love Bezel Set Rings

Bezel Set Diamond
Bezel Set Ring

Bezel set diamond ring features a one-of-a-kind setting where a ring of metal holds the centerpiece and not prongs. This would act both as a cushion and as a frame for emphasizing the diamond centerpiece. This awesome setting is well accepted among the subtle ring designs as well as the classic, retro ring styles. In fact, a bezel set ring would be a perfect choice for all brides who want a classic engagement ring design with a flair of modern appeal. Besides, it offers the maximum protection to the centerpiece stone, so it is also the ideal option for women with a hands-on lifestyle.

Bezel Set Ring Styles

Bezel setting is available in a wide range of styles. Below is the list of the popular variations of the ring setting.

  • Bezel Solitaires: This setting would have the band of the ring raised to some extent above the ring.
  • Bezel Three Stone Ring: This beautiful ring has all three stones laid in proportion so as to match the bezel setting.
  • Bezel Pave Setting: This would emphasize the overall beauty of the bezel ring band with diamond accents.
  • Bezel Wrapped Setting: This ring set would have a bezel set centerpiece enclosed by stone accents in order to highlight the beauty of the center stone.
  • Bezel Textured Setting: In the textured bezel engagement ring, the bezel looks as if it flowing on the band of the ring rather than being a separate piece.
  • Bezel Eternity Ring Setting: The eternity ring has a bezel setting line that circles the finger.

Pros and Cons of Bezel Set Engagement Rings

The bezel setting offers good protection to the diamond, thus helping it to defend against fierce activities more than any other ring setting. The metallic ring that surrounds the centerpiece would offer great help in concealing the inclusions and flaws of the diamond, and give the ring a more glamorous appearance.

The downside to bezel setting is that it could hide the true color of the diamond, as the stone gets only a small amount of light. Nevertheless, you would be able to reduce the intensity of this effect by choosing brighter metals like silver and platinum.

There are also more chances to for the bezel setting to trap the dirt closer to the stone and give it a messy look. So it would need professional cleaning from time to time, as it would be difficult to clean a bezel set diamond engagement ring on your own.

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