Why Is Black Onyx Jewelry Getting Popular?

In recent times, many people around the world are looking for Black Onyx jewelry. The popularity of the Black Onyx gemstone has increased rapidly over the years. It is not just an eye-catchy jewelry stone. Many people believe that Black Onyx has spiritual and healing properties, which is the main reason why thousands of Americans are buying Black Onyx jewelry from various online stores. The sale of Black Onyx jewelry has increased exponentially during the pandemic.

History Of Black Onyx

It is believed that the term onyx originated from the Greek word onux, which means claw or fingernail. You might wonder why the name is related to fingernail or claw. According to the legend, the fingernails of Venus were once cut off by a mischievous Cupid while she was sleeping. God turned these fingernails into flesh-colored stones. This is one of the stories behind the origin of onyx. There are several other stories popular in many parts of the world regarding the origin of onyx stones.

Black Onyx Properties

It is believed that Black Onyx properties include spiritual and healing capabilites. People wear Black Onyx jewelry to release the negativity from their bodies and minds. This soothing stone helps the wearer to remove all kinds of negative thoughts and emotions from the mind. It may also help to avoid any kind of negative situations from your life.

Clinging to your past may not be a useful and productive thing in your life. Letting go of your past is one of the important aspects of releasing negativity from your body. If you wear this precious stone, you may be able to let go of your past and improve the relationships with people around you. It can also help you to separate yourself from unhappy situations.

One of the main reasons why many people these days are wearing Black Onyx jewelry is that the stone is believed to help in changing unhealthy or irregular habits. According to some people, Black Onyx can help change bad habits and make you more focused and balanced. If you are wearing this stone, you may not feel any kind of stress.

If you are an entrepreneur and planning on starting a new venture, wearing a Black Onyx gemstone may bring your good luck. It may help you in making good and quick decisions, which will help your business to grow. It may even help you in sharpening your senses and make you more alert and focused.

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