Why Is A Tension Set Diamond Ring Ideal For You?

Tension Set Diamond Ring
Tension Set Diamond Ring

People who are looking for a setting that makes your diamond ring stand out in the crowd can stop looking because a tension setting can be the best choice. A tension ring is unlike conventional rings that use prongs or metal baskets to secure the center diamond in position. In this setting, the compression pressure is used to keep the diamond in place, not the metal prongs. This gives the diamond the appearance of floating in mid-air, which is fascinating.

What Exactly Is A Tension Set Diamond Ring?

The gemstone is placed in a ring-opening and kept in position by the pressure exerted from the open ends in a tension setting. In essence, the metal setting could be compared to a mechanical clamp that is used to hold an object in place between its jaws. There is no metal under or enclosing the gemstone due to this “invisible” compressive force, which is the foundation of a tension ring’s stunning appearance. The gemstone seems to be “floating” between the two sides of the ring to the observer.

Due to the apparent absence of mechanical support, a tension set diamond ring may appear fragile to an untrained eye. Tension rings, on the other hand, when made with care, are extremely strong, durable, and secure.

Benefits of Tension Setting For A Diamond Ring

Due to the obvious dramatic appearance they exhibit, tension set diamond rings create curiosity and can be an easy way to start a conversation. It makes us wonder how the center diamond, which is “mysteriously floating” with no support, manages to stay in position. Modern and futuristic designs are common in tension settings. They can be created out of common jewelry metals, as well as custom-made for fancy diamond cuts such as ovals and pears.

When compared with other forms of ring settings, a tension ring allows the gemstone to be seen in full from many angles. More light can hit the diamond, increasing its brilliance and sparkle. Another great advantage of a tension set diamond ring is that you can easily clean it and it is low-maintenance.


One-of-a-kind styles are common in modern tension settings, and they can have a huge aesthetic appeal. They will be ideal for you if you prefer a more modern style in your diamond engagement ring or want to make a strong fashion statement. Tension rings are difficult to work with, and they necessitate highly skilled workers and instruments in order to achieve consistent results. Because of these factors, you must choose your collaborators carefully.

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