Why Choose A Bezel Setting?

First of all, Bezel Setting is a diamond setting technique which is used in the jewelry to fit the diamond into the design. The metal is run all over through the edge to keep the diamond in place in this type of setting. The main reason to choose this type of setting is to guard your diamond well without ever worrying about it.

What Is Full Bezel Setting?

This is a subdivision of this type of setting in which the diamonds are places tightly from the sides. These are the most used and preferred type of setting as it gives complete protection to the diamond from any physical harm.

What Is Partial Setting?

The diamond in this type of setting is held tightly from two sides, or in other words, it covers half the diamond from the borders. Jewelry designed in this setting turns out to be gorgeous but they are not suggested for delicate stones.

What Are The Advantages Of Bezel Setting?

First and foremost, as mentioned above, they provide a complete protection to the diamond. The rings that are worn daily are prone to the risk of getting scratched or chipped off on the edges. Even though, diamonds tend be a strong element, the risk of getting it removed from its place is also a factor. Hence, if you care for your gemstone, make sure you pick the bezel setting. Moreover, they absolutely look flawless without any imperfections.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Bezel Setting?

If your diamond’s sparkle is something you cannot giveaway, then bezel setting is not for you. The diamond will be not be revered for its glory in a closed off setting like this one. They should be exposed to bright light for it to shine, of course. And most importantly, bezel setting is an expensive affair. It requires trained professional to work on it and needs a strong metal to be designed perfectly.

How To Take Care Of Your Bezel Set Diamond?

It is easier to keep the diamond clean in this type of setting as the metal encases the entire stone keeping it securely in its place and if it is a simple and elegant design then it is much easier to keep it clean even without a conscious effort.

Is It Chosen A Lot? What Makes Bezel Setting Unique?

Bezel Setting has a unique look which won’t be seen on everyone, but they are chosen by most people. If you love to go retro or are a fan of vintage styles like an Art Deco or Victorian, this setting will be perfect for you. Generally, the diamonds in these settings are seen in princess or round cut with many more wide range of options.

How Will This Setting Go With Accent Diamonds?

These settings don’t just go on the center stone but they are also used for showcasing the accent diamonds allowing the ring to become truly distinctive. This can also help in increasing the overall sparkle of the ring with the advantages of keeping the stone secure.

Can Bezel Setting Hide The Flaws On My Diamond?

This type of setting is perfect to hide imperfections and inclusions that maybe present at the sides of a diamond. The bezel will be able to perfectly hide if there’s a noticeable chip on the edge of the diamond. But if the flaws are in the middle then it will emphasize it more than hiding it.

What Are Some Bezel Setting Styles?

Bezel setting is not a design, but is simply a way in which a diamond is held in the design. Only difference is that it can be incorporated into almost any design. Be it a three stone ring, halo, pave, solitaire or vintage, the bezel setting can utilize it better than any other setting.

Where To Buy Bezel Setting From?

For a Bezel setting to be excellent, it requires the best craftsmanship and a metal that can be designed perfectly to look stunning. Looking for certification for both the diamond and for the jeweler is topmost priority no matter where you buy the jewelry. It is advised to buy your bezel setting jewelry from a reputed jeweler like RockHer. At RockHer you can customize your own ring from beginning to end guaranteed to take your breath away.

How To Evaluate A Diamond Ring For Beauty And Value?

The most important factor that determines the diamond’s brilliance is the cut. The shape should be the next factor which impresses you. Then its clarity, as in being clean as it could be. And last but not the least, its color which should appear white in relation to the setting’s color. The prices may vary as well based on its color and clarity.

This is all about bezel setting and why anyone should choose it.

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