When To Choose A Bezel-Set Ring

Bezel Set Ring
Bezel Set Ring

The bezel setting is one of the oldest settings in engagement rings and it still gets a lot of attention from modern brides. Despite its long history, the bezel setting is known for its modern appeal and sleek look. A bezel set ring can be a great choice for you if you prefer something different from the traditional look of prong settings.

There are a lot of important characteristics associated with the bezel setting that you have to know before choosing it for your engagement ring. Read along to know more about the bezel setting if its modern and sleek appearance intrigues you.

The Bezel Setting

A bezel-set ring comes with a metal rim that surrounds the stone to offer it maximum protection. Here the metal will cover the sides and girdle of the diamond thereby securing its most vulnerable points. Therefore, a bezel setting makes your precious gemstones less prone to chipping and other damages.

Additionally, unlike prong settings, you don’t have to worry about your diamond becoming loose in the setting, as the metal rim covers it holds the stone securely to the band.

Pros Of Bezel Setting

The bezel setting has certain pros when compared to the prong setting. Some of them are listed here for your knowledge.

  • Can offer a stylish and modern look to the ring
  • As the brilliance and sparkle associated with this setting are low, it can be suitable for people who want a minimalist and simple look to their ring.
  • The chance to lose your stones is extremely low
  • Won’t snag on things which makes it perfect for people who work a lot with their hands
  • Offers better protection for the gemstone
  • A well-designed bezel might make your center stone appear bigger
  • Hides the inclusions and blemishes present on the sides of the diamond
  • It is the most secure setting when compared to other engagement ring settings
  • Can be perfect for everyday use

Cons Of Bezel Setting

There are some drawbacks associated with bezel setting including:

  • High cost, as it needs more metal to surround the stone
  • Low brilliance and shine
  • Resetting your stone might be difficult when compared to other ring settings

When To Choose A Bezel-Set Ring?

The following are some of the reasons for you to choose bezel set engagement rings:

  • If you tend to work a lot with your hands
  • Need better protection for the gemstone
  • Prefer a subtle and minimalist look
  • Do not like shiny rings

If these situations apply to you, then a bezel-set ring can be greatly beneficial for you.

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