What You Need To Know About Chocolate Brown Diamonds

Chocolate Brown Diamond Rings
Chocolate Brown Diamond Rings

‘Chocolate diamond ring’ is the term that is pinned on brown colored diamond rings- a term that was introduced by a group that wanted to entice buyers into taking a closer loose at chocolate brown diamond rings. Chocolate diamonds are found naturally and also created artificially.

Artificial chocolate diamonds, much like all artificial diamonds are created in the confines of a lab. Although these look brown, they are white or colorless diamonds that are treated with heat or irradiation, so as to change its color to brown. The synthetic chocolate colored diamonds are in fact not even brown, and the color is due to a synthetic reaction. Because, of its lack of rarity, these artificial chocolate diamonds are cheaper than their natural counterpart.

How Valuable Are Chocolate Brown Diamonds?

Of all the colored diamonds, the chocolate brown diamonds are one of the cheapest. This is due to the fact that chocolate brown diamonds are opaque in color and have very little shine and brilliance to it. Plus, the fact that synthetic diamonds are included with impurities to impart the brown color, and that the white diamonds used are not of high grade, the cost is brought down even further.

Because of this, if you are getting a brown diamond, it is important that you seek out certified and trusted diamond producers to buy from. with the help of the certification, it can be authenticated that the chocolate diamond that they hold is indeed genuine.

Where Do You Find Chocolate Brown Diamonds From?

Brown diamonds can be found in most of the mines around the world, stretching from Australia to Borneo, Brazil and Congo. There is no shortage of brown colored diamonds that can be obtained from these sources, but because of its demand being lower due to its commonality, the price tag stuck to it has lesser zeros at the end.

Earlier, due to their increased numbers, brown diamonds were used for industrial cutting purposes only. It was only in recent decades that the shift of brown diamonds over to fine jewelry happened.

If you are looking for a diamond to buy, love the color and have a tight budget, then it would make sense to get a brown colored diamond ring. The question of whether or not you should get a brown colored diamond ring boils down to the fact of if you like the diamond and its color. Stick to genuine sellers that have certification to their establishment!

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