What Are The Pros And Cons Of the Bezel Set Diamond Ring?

Bezel Set Engagement Rings
Bezel Set Engagement Rings

Diamond rings are an important part of engagement and wedding ceremonies. You must be careful when selecting them because they are expensive and must last for a lifetime. Their durability depends on ring settings, which determines how the center stone is held in place on the ring. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of the bezel set diamond ring; read on to know more about it.

What Are Bezel Set Engagement Rings?

The bezel setting is modern and durable, and it is a popular choice for engagement and wedding ring settings. In this setting, the diamond or the center stone is held by a custom-made thin metal rim that surrounds the stone along its girdle.

Compared to other diamond ring settings which expose the delicate sides of diamonds, the bezel setting protects the stone by encircling it. This offers protection for the ring along with giving it a sleek and modern look.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Bezel Set Diamond Ring?

Pros Of Bezel Setting

Holds Diamond More Securely

Compared to the other popular ring settings, the bezel setting holds the diamond more securely. The main reason for this is the custom-made metal rim that holds the stone securely in place.

Has Sleek And Modern Look

The bezel setting is a popular choice among younger brides because it has a sleek and modern look. This makes it different from other popular ring settings.

Easier Maintenance

Most bezel set engagement rings have a simple design, and this makes their maintenance easier.

Suitable For Those With Active Lifestyle And Career

The bezel setting has excellent durability, and this makes it an excellent choice for those leading an active lifestyle.

Cons Of Bezel Setting

Hides More Of The Diamond

The custom-made thin metal rim used in the bezel set diamond ringhides more surface of the stone. So, it reduces the brilliance and visible surface of the diamond.

Less Reflection

Because in a bezel setting more surface of the diamond is covered, less light enters the diamond through the sides. As a result, the brilliance and fire of the stone are reduced.

On a final note, a bezel set diamond ring can cost more than other settings because of the extra ring metal used. These are the important points that you must know, about bezel set engagement rings.

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