Ways to Tackle Loose Diamond Setting Issues

Tension Set Diamond
Diamond Setting Issues

Losing the main gemstone of the engagement ring will be the worst nightmare of almost every person out there. After all, it is not just a significantly expensive possession but also a symbol of one’s relationship. In simple words, it is likely to affect the wearer both financially and emotionally. Hence, some people may regularly tighten their diamond ring settings. However, no one can foresee or predict the future and hence, you cannot overrule this diamond falling out issue from happening.

How Diamonds Become Loose in the Setting?

It is way challenging to pinpoint the factor that made your valuable rock to fall out of the setting. Sometimes, the issue may arise because of the poor construction of the sparkler or it may occur when your ring struck hard against any objects. For instance, the chance of the center diamond to fall off the ring setting is higher in the case of tension set diamond rings.

Note that in the tension setting, the main gemstone is held in place by means of the tensile force exerted by the diamond ring band from each side to create the illusion of a floating diamond. Sometimes, even a light blow can make the center stone fall out of the setting in this case. However, the common cause for this issue is poor maintenance or wear and tear issues.

This explains the necessity of insuring your diamond engagement rings. Below are some of the best ways with which you can secure your center stone to the fullest or reduce the risk of losing your precious gemstones.

Tips to Secure your Gemstone

The first thing that you must do in order to ensure that your gemstone is well-secured in its setting is getting it evaluated professionally at least twice a year. Note that skilled labors will check out the prongs and other ring mountings to ensure that the diamonds are well-maintained and are in place. Sometimes, the prongs will be on the verge of breaking and this can be determined only by a professional.

Additionally, it is always recommended to check out your diamonds regularly on your own, particularly when you hit your gleaming bauble on any hard objects. Plus, try to take off your ring when indulging in hands-on activities such as cleaning, cooking, landscaping, gym workouts, etc. At the same time, it is not a good practice to assess your gemstones obsessively since constant touching may yield negative results. Always keep in mind that every credible diamond ring is designed to last longer.

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