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Engagement rings add value to your appearance when they draw the attention of those around. The size of a diamond ring plays a major role in doing this. Therefore, it is observed that people usually try to maximize the size of their diamond. There are many ways, in which you can make your engagement ring look larger. By applying these practices, you can make your ring a magnet of attraction. Below are a couple of techniques to make your ring look larger.

Add Stones to your Ring

One of the best ways to make your ring look larger is by adding side stones. For example, you can add diamond baguette on either side of the center stone. Further, by adding the appropriate colored stones, you can change the contrast of your entire ring. It also leaves you with an option of adding some colors.

Use Thin Metal Bands

It is advised to use thin metals for diamond engagement rings. This is because a thin structure for the band makes the diamond appear larger and make it look beautiful. However, you need to choose the diamond ring setting wisely to make sure that the center stone appears bigger. The following are the best settings to consider in this reagrd.

Cluster Setting

In a cluster setting, several smaller diamonds are positioned next to each other. As a result, the ring looks larger. It gives a feeling of a single diamond that is much larger than the smaller diamonds used to make it. Keep in mind that the cluster setting works best when all the individual diamonds used are similar in color. If they do not have a matching color grade, they may not appear larger.

It is better to use a metal grid around the cluster to offer the necessary protection to the smaller diamonds.

Halo Setting

A halo setting is where a ring of smaller diamonds is placed around the center stone. This will make the whole arrangement appear a size bigger. Manufacturers pick the suitable melee diamonds for halo settings, so you do not have to worry about the selection. The center stone is usually selected with a weight of about 0.50 carat because anything smaller will make the centerpiece gem appear comparable to the melee diamonds.

Note that the prongs on a halo ring tend to wear out faster. Hence, ensure regular checkup of your jewelry.

Illusion Setting

Bezel Setting
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This setting took birth at the time of the Great Depression of the 1930’s when only a few could afford diamond rings. In this design, the diamond is set in a head crafted out of white metal. The head features a few ripples, which in turn, imparts a shiny appearance to the ring. In fact, the whole head looks like a big diamond.

The illusion setting is used when you want to accentuate the size of a near-colorless diamond. Although white metal is the usual option here, a yellow gold illusion setting is used in the case of a yellow diamond. This setting is mainly used for diamonds smaller than 0.50 carats.

Pavé Setting

In this setting, a series of diamonds weighing 0.20 carats or smaller are fixed inside tapered holes on a metal surface. These are placed close to the melee stones beside them. The effect of this setting is that the center stone looks larger due to the appearance of uninterrupted diamonds in a continuous band.

It is better to avoid settings that position the pave set diamonds on the bottom of the shank. This region is subject to more friction, and hence, the diamonds will be prone to damage. Although this setting is very secure, it is very difficult to repair if the diamonds fall out of the ring.

Bezel Setting

Under a bezel setting, the diamond’s girdle is surrounded by a metal band. The result is that the diamond’s circumference looks enlarged. Additionally, the diamond is also protected against unexpected bumps and accidents. This setting is perfect for those who actively engage in energetic activities that involves a good deal of movement. Note that this setting is also capable of reducing the brightness of a poorly cut diamond.

Note that the bezel setting is usually applicable to oval and round diamonds. Other shapes like square and marquise diamonds are not enhanced using bezel setting due to the difficulty involved.

Invisible Setting

This is another effective technique to obtain an enlarged appearance for a diamond ring. In this setting, the smaller diamonds are cut by giving grooved pavilions. After this, they are slipped into a thin wire framework. This removes the need for prongs by allowing gems to be set opposite to each other. As a result, the whole diamond is visible and the group of diamonds appears like a large gem.

Although it brings an appearance of a field of diamonds, it is very hard to repair. Therefore, it is not recommended for people who stay engaged outdoors most of the time.

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