Top Things That Make Bezel Setting The Right Choice For Your Diamond

If you want a setting that shows off all the beauty of your diamond and at the same time keeps it secure, you can confidently go for the bezel setting. In a bezel setting, the diamond is held inside a metal rim that surrounds the stone on the outside, keeping it protected. With a bezel setting diamond, you don’t have to worry if the sides of diamond would get chipped off like in the case of a prong setting that exposes the diamond.

Several factors motivate you to choose a bezel setting for your diamond jewelry and some of them are discussed below.

The Brilliance Of The Diamond Is Not Affected In Bezel Setting

The worries about bezel setting compromising the brilliance of your diamond are absolutely irrelevant because a finely crafted bezel set diamond will not affect the sparkle in any way. In fact a bezel setting safeguards the brilliance of the diamond by preventing the buildup of dust, oil and dirt, all of which can diminish the brilliance of the diamond.

Bezel Setting Is The Right Choice To Stop Your Diamonds From Falling Out

When compared with prong settings, bezel setting better prevents the diamond from falling out and the way the metal of the setting wraps around the stone protects the delicate edges of the diamond from getting chipped off. To avoid the possibility of the diamond getting loose, make sure that the inner edge of the setting touches the diamond without leaving any gaps in between.

Bezel Set Diamond Does Not Demand High Maintenance

As part of the maintenance routine, the prong settings have to be tightened at least once in a year. The secure design of the bezel setting does not demand periodic maintenance like prong setting.

The Low Profile Nature Of The Bezel Setting          

Bezel setting has a low profile nature that goes well with your everyday life and the bezel set diamond is easier to wear when compared with prong setting diamonds.

Well Crafted Nature That Doesn’t Snag Or Catch

There is a higher risk of the prong setting diamonds catching on daily use materials like costumes, accessories etc but with the bezel setting, there is no need for such worries. The prongs in a prong setting diamond might get damaged by brushing against hard surfaces, but damages are less likely when using a bezel setting.

Bezel Setting Has The Ability To Conceal Flaws In A Diamond

A diamond with no inclusions will have a high price that will not always be in your budget. The next best option you have is choosing a setting for the diamond that can hide the flaws effectively and the bezel setting suits the purpose so well.

As the clarity grade of the diamonds gets low, the number of visible inclusions in them will increase and inclusions in diamonds are mostly found in locations close to the edges. The metal rim of the bezel setting surrounds the edges and helps in concealing the inclusions near the edges really well.

 Bezel Setting Can Make Diamonds Look Bigger

A well crafted bezel setting can help in making the center stone look bigger than its actual size.

Bezel Setting Offers A Modern Look To Diamond Rings.

When compared with typical ring settings, bezel setting offers a modern look to the diamond ring and if you choose to gift a person who appreciates modern jewelry a diamond ring, go ahead with bezel set diamonds.

Bezel Setting Suits People Leading An Active Lifestyle Best

The appreciable durability of the bezel setting makes it an excellent option that people who lead an active lifestyle can choose confidently. The metal rim of the setting holds the diamond perfectly in place and you don’t have to worry about it getting loose while you engage in activities like hiking, running and playing sports.

For people who lead busy careers, the chance of the diamond getting damaged is high and they have to choose a setting that doesn’t come in way with their busy careers. Prong settings so not suit work environments of various professions like athletics, medicine etc well and bezel setting is a much better choice.

Maintenance Of Bezel Settings Is Quite Easy

Diamonds require periodic cleaning and proper maintenance and the maintenance of a bezel setting diamond is relatively easy. In a prong setting, the prongs have to regularly check to make sure they are in place but with a bezel setting things are easier.

No second thoughts rise in the minds of people when asked if they want the best sparkling diamond. Choosing diamonds with the best sparkle is without doubt a very important task but it is just half the work done. You have to choose a setting for the diamond that safeguards the diamond’s brilliance and keeps it secure, and the bezel setting appears to be the ideal choice.

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