Top 4 Reasons To Select Low Profile Engagement Rings

Low-Profile Engagement Rings
Low-Profile Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are an important piece of jewelry, and you must pay special attention when choosing them. Keep in mind that some ring settings are easy to maintain, while many others are not. For example, many brides prefer low-profile engagement rings like the bezel setting due to ease of use. Read on to know 4 reasons that will make you love a low-profile engagement ring.

If You Love Sweaters

If you love wearing sweaters, then an engagement ring with a tall setting or pointed prongs is the wrong idea. The prongs can get entangled in the woolen fiber and will likely snag. Also, it requires patience to untangle the ring. One of the best ways to avoid this issue is to opt for a low-profile bezel set engagement ring. Among the different types of ring settings, the bezel setting requires the lowest maintenance. Also, the ring metal surrounding the stone will firmly hold the center stone in place. Furthermore, this ring setting can be used for diamonds with different shapes.

You Have A Dog

Brides who are dog owners must be particularly careful about their engagement ring. The fur of your pet may get trapped or the leash can get caught in the prongs. Also, bathing, brushing, petting, and grooming your pet may damage the ring. This can happen if you are wearing a pointy solitaire ring with prominent prongs. These problems are much less of an issue if you are wearing low-profile engagement rings.

You Are A Parent

Surveys show that more than 60% of brides plan to wear their engagement rings daily. Wearing a ring with tall settings and pointed prongs may not be a good idea when taking care of toddlers. It can be a nuisance when changing diapers, chasing a naughty toddler, or picking up fluffy toys. So, if you are a parent, then a low-profile engagement ring with a bezel setting or three-stone setting is the best option.

You Enjoy Traveling

You must be careful about the engagement ring setting, and this is especially true if you enjoy traveling. Wearing a ring with a tall setting can often get in the way of moving or lifting luggage. Also, there is the risk of the diamond snagging on your clothes. You can avoid these hassles if you opt for a low-profile bezel set engagement ring.

We hope that the reasons mentioned are good enough to justify selecting low-profile engagement rings over solitaire or tall settings.

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