Top 3 Classic Diamond Ring Settings for your Engagement Rings

Bezel Setting
Diamond Ring Settings

The diamond ring setting of your engagement ring is really important. In fact, this must be the first decision that you must take when you start your search for the perfect sparkler. Note that the diamond ring setting will give you a clear idea regarding the type of gemstones you need to choose. Furthermore, a sound diamond ring setting is very much indispensable for the security as well as the appeal of your priceless gemstones.

There are numerous diamond ring setting options available in the industry today, so you will have to choose the perfect one in order to get the maximum shine for your diamond. In most cases, a diamond engagement ring will be the first ever diamond jewelry piece many people buy, and hence, their knowledge regarding the same will be limited. If you are one of those amateurs who find it challenging to pick a diamond rings setting for your engagement ring, you may consider the options given below.

Prong Setting

The prong setting is the most basic and traditional diamond ring setting. Here, the center diamond of your ring will be secured by four claw-like metal structures. There are different types of prongs available such as rounded, flat, pointed, V shaped, etc. You may choose the one that is ideal to hold your diamond well and ensure that it complements the overall design. If you are concerned about the security of your gemstone here, you may consider a six prong setting.

The main advantage of prong setting is the minimum usage of metal showing off the diamond to the fullest. Plus, it allows a maximum amount of light to enter the gemstone making it sparkle like anything. Usually, small and medium-sized diamonds are often set with prongs in order to make them look bigger than their actual carat weight. Besides, prong set diamond rings are comparatively easier to clean.

The downside here is that proper maintenance is required for this setting since the metal prongs tend to wear down with time. Additionally, any hard hit can easily bend or break the metal prongs. The prongs are likely to snag onto your clothes or other fabrics as well. Hence, this is not a good option for a person who leads an active lifestyle.

Bezel Setting

Another classic diamond ring setting that is perfect to offer a vintage appeal is the bezel setting. This is, in fact, the second most popular diamond ring setting. Here, the main gemstone of your ring will be encased by a metal setting in order to tightly secure in place. Plus, it will not snag onto clothes or other objects. Hence, the bezel setting is an ideal choice for all the couples who enjoy a hands-on lifestyle.

There are actually two types of bezel setting: full and partial. In the latter setting, only two opposite sides of the diamond will be secured by the metal rim. Note that the exposed surface area of diamonds in bezel setting will be minimum and, so will be the amount of light entering the gemstone. Usually, people who love to keep it low-key and subtle tend to choose bezel set diamond rings.

Bezel set diamond rings are easier to clean and maintain. Plus, they offer a stylish and vintage appeal at the same time. You can set almost every diamond shape with a bezel setting. Nevertheless, this is not a great choice for the couples who give priority to the sparkle of their engagement ring.

Tension Setting

Another one of the classic, yet modern diamond ring settings is the tension setting. The setting got its name because of the unique way it holds the gemstone. Note that the center diamond in tension setting will be held in place by means of the tensile force exerted by the metal bands from each side. Thus, it creates an illusion of the gemstone floating in the air since there are no metal projections to hold it.

It will be worth noting that there will be a tiny groove at the edge of each metal band in order to securely place the gemstone. However, craftsmen usually create these grooves in such a way that it will be invisible to the viewers so as to keep up its floating appeal. The amount of metal covering the diamond here is literally zero, and hence, tension set diamond rings will be extremely brilliant.

Some people may opt to add a tiny bezel setting at the edge of the metal bands in order to enhance its security. Furthermore, diamonds set with tension setting requires less maintenance when compared to many other diamond ring setting options. However, you cannot rule out the chances of your center diamond getting damaged when hit by an external shock. In addition, it will be really hard for the jewelers to resize a tension set ring in the future. The inability of tension set rings to incorporate small diamonds is also counted as one of its downsides.

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