Tips to Enhance the Brilliance of Your Diamond Ring

Bezel Set Diamond Ring

An engagement ring will be one of the most valued possessions of every woman. They like to show it off to everyone and wear it always. Hence, it is important to keep it brilliant and shining for showcasing its maximum beauty. Some stone cuts and ring settings will help you to accentuate your stone more, thereby providing it a more spectacular look.

Following are some fantastic tips that will help you to enhance and maintain the sparkle and luster of your engagement ring for a longer period:

Choose a brilliant cut

To keep your diamond ring’s brilliance for a longer time, it is better to select a brilliant-cut diamond, as they have the most sparkle and shine. This specific cut allows more light to enter the stone and then reflect and refract this light more efficiently which adds to the beauty of the ring.

Choose a Halo ring

Rings with a halo setting will have a center stone along with a large number of small diamonds surrounding them. If the stones you choose are of the same color as the center stone, then it will give a bigger appearance for your diamonds. This ring setting is also famous for its brilliance. Hence, it will help you to maintain the shine of your engagement ring for a longer period.

Add side stones

If your center stone does not exhibit enough shine, then you can add some side stones to enhance its luster. These side stones will line the sides of your ring for added glow and brilliance. Whether it be a bezel set diamond ring or tension set diamond ring or rings with any other settings, you can add side stones for making it more stunning and vibrant.

Select a slimmer band to give more focus to the stone

When you buy a diamond ring your priority will be the stone and not the band. Therefore, it is better to choose a thinner band for your ring to accentuate your stone. Also, it will give a more shiny appearance for your stone and an elegant appearance for your ring.

Select a bezel setting

Choosing a bezel set diamond ring will help you to enhance the beauty of your ring, as it will surround the stone with elegance. You can also choose a tension set diamond ring that will also accentuate your stone. If you want to add more beauty to the ring, you can add a milgrain edge which will add more dimension to these settings.

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