Tips on Choosing an Eternal Diamond Engagement Ring

Bezel Set Ring
Diamond Engagement Ring

While some couples set out on their diamond engagement ring quest together, others prefer a surprise proposal. Whichever way it goes, everyone wants something eternal and timeless when they pick out their piece. You too may be mulling over this same consideration with regard to choosing your own sparkler.

Some of the main factors to watch include what makes a ring timeless, whether you be able to love the same thing for the rest of your life, which are the best classic diamond ring designs, etc. Note that facing hundreds of similar doubts is in fact quite normal. After all, your diamond engagement ring is the symbol of your love. Plus, you are likely to wear it for the rest of your life. In order to help you out a bit, below are some useful tips on choosing an incredible ring that can stand the test of time.

Consider the Diamond Setting

The diamond setting plays a major role in making or ruining the appeal of a ring, and so you must be extremely watchful of this one seemingly tiny thing. When it comes to classic designs, the most prominent options are prongs and bezels. If you love to flaunt your resplendent center stone to the fullest, go in for a prong-set ring. In case the safety of your priceless diamond is your priority, go for a bezel set ring; a huge bezel ring also serves well if you are an admirer of vintage and sophisticated designs.

Choose a Quality Diamond

Since you are looking for a diamond ring that can stand the test of time, you must focus on the strength of your diamond. Make sure to choose a diamond that is almost flawless, since internal inclusions tend to weaken the diamond structure, especially if the flaws are present at the outer corners of the stone. If your diamond engagement ring carries any other gemstone, make sure to choose something that ranks 9 or more on the Moh’s scale of hardness. The hardness should be checked for the metal used in your ring as well. Needless to mention, platinum and gold are the best options when it comes to hardness.

The Shape of Your Diamond

Another factor that reflects timelessness is the shape of your main gemstone. Note that certain diamond shapes tend to stay in vogue irrespective of how long they are owned and worn. Two of those evergreen diamond shapes which you can always see in jewelry stores are the round and princess cuts. These are the super classic diamond shapes you can always consider to ace up your style game.

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