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The heart has always stood for romance, passion, and love. The effect is accentuated when the shape is used in a diamond. It quickly becomes one of the most eye-catching jewelry wherever you visit. Like any other commodity, there are certain things you need to keep in mind before you head out to purchase a heart-shaped diamond. Below is a discussion on the things to remember when you look for the best heart-shaped diamond, different from the bezel set engagement rings.

Symmetry is Key in Heart-Shaped Diamonds

The attraction of a heart-shaped diamond lies in the perfect symmetry. This is completed when one side perfectly reflects the other. In the case of heart-shaped diamonds, the lack of proportionality would be the first thing you may notice when you look at it. Hence, you must pick a perfectly symmetric Heart shaped diamond stone.

Note that the heart should have a visible cleft between the sides. Further, each wing has to be well rounded. It is recommended not to buy the diamond without even looking at it.

Select the Precise Length to Width Ratio for the Diamond

An ideal heart shape has a Length to Width Ratio of 1.00. A ratio above 1.05 appears very thin and slender, but a 0.95 makes it appear wider. As far as pendants and drop earrings are concerned, a wider cut is more advantageous if it is set in a solitaire ring. For the length to width ratio of any heart-shaped diamond you are about to choose, it boils down to the personal choice.

Select the Ideal Size

In heart-shaped diamonds is not advisable to select tiny stones. You may not be able to observe the shape. The recommended size of the diamond is above 0.5 carats.

Keep Away the Bow-Tie

A few heart-shaped diamonds come with an effect known as the bow-tie effect. It arises due to the lack of alignment of facets and their cuttings. When this happens, the light passes through the stone and generates shadows inside the diamond. When you view the diamond from outside, it appears as if there are dark patches inside the stone that resembles the shape of a man’s bow-tie.

A majority of the heart-shaped diamonds are prone to showing bow-tie effect. Depending on the individual stones, they can be unseen or very severe.

Consider the above facts about heart-shaped diamonds when you are looking to purchase one.

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