Things To Know About Video Conferencing Technology

If you could not make it to the office one day, and have an important meeting to attend, the first solution you would think of is video conferencing. Video conferencing technology is becoming more advanced, thereby offering quality video and audio experience to the users.

Video Conferencing Technology

Video conferencing technology enables people to work in different locations and communicate with their team through live video and audio connections between two or more people. As audio and video elements are integral parts of video conferencing technology, it contains several AV elements like:

  • Displays- Laptops, monitor, television screen etc are the display screens in video conferencing technology.
  • Microphones and cameras- Built-in microphones, webcams etc are important AV elements that are part of video conferencing technology.
  • speakers- Built-in computer speaker, VoIP
  • Internet connection- WiFi, Ethernet
  • Video conferencing software- Video conferencing tools and apps.

Interoperability is the desirable feature of video conferencing technology. The feature enables the video conferencing software to work with different software, devices and applications.

Uses Of Video Conferencing Technology

Video conferencing technology is widely used in the following areas.

  • Team meetings – Video conferencing technology is widely used to ensure the active participation of all members of a team in the team meetings, despite of their locations.
  • Webinars – Webinars can be conducted effectively by making use of the high quality audio and visuals of the video conferencing technology.
  • Product demos – High quality video conferencing can capture the full details of a product during product demo sessions.
  • One-on-one training – Using video conferencing technology, you can assign remote roles to your trainees and offer them training.
  • Job interviews- job interviews conducted through video conferences are equally effective as a person to person interview.

Working Of Video Conferencing Technology

Video conferencing technology consists of minimal number of key components. The telepresence system or computers are the end points used by meeting participants. Take for example the case of an official meeting through video conferencing. One endpoint would be the laptop of a remote worker and the other endpoint would be the computer in the conference room of the office that is connected to the video conferencing server.

The type of video conferencing technology determines the number of additional tools that is required. Some additional tools include instant messaging, meeting recording, and content sharing.

Video conference facilitates the smooth operation of offices by ensuring the participation of all the employees in team meetings despite the distant locations they are currently in and plays a crucial role in changing the face of education sector.

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