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Floating Engagement Ring
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The floating diamond engagement ring offers a unique appearance to those couples who love to wear a simple engagement ring with modern elegance.


Diamond engagement rings are sold online with many different retailers to choose from. One of the most important factors in choosing an online engagement rings store is deciding on if the diamonds are ethically sourced, the pricing is fair, and the company has a strong reputation. Although traditionally diamond rings were sold in person, it has become common practice to purchase your diamond ring online. So, what are floating diamond rings?


What Are Floating Diamond Engagement Rings?

The floating diamond engagement rings are those in which the diamond appears to be floating without being connected to the ring setting by prongs or claws. The diamonds seem to be suspended in the ring setting, without any support. In the traditional settings of diamond rings, the diamond is held in position by the clasps or claws from below. However, in a floating engagement ring, the diamond is open. This highlights the beauty and the simplicity of the diamond, which will be visible to the observer.

It can be observed that the normal engagement ring settings tend to conceal the diamond within the setting. There is no such problem in a floating diamond engagement ring. Though it is true that the idea of the diamond floating on the ring is an illusion, it gives a special beauty and traditional appearance to the ring.

In the early decades, brides usually chose rings with very broad designs. However, in the present time, brides usually like to have a simple but elegant engagement ring. This is where the floating diamond engagement rings come to the scene. They remain simple and elegant and allow for the personalization of the ring.

In such a ring, since there are no clasps or prongs to hold the diamond, the alloy used in the setting must be a strong one, which can hold the diamond in place without exerting much pressure on it. It was only recently that they came up with such good alloys, which can be used in floating diamond rings. This has increased the demand for such rings.

Styles of Floating Diamond Engagement Rings

Many are prone to think that the floating diamond engagement rings come only in a few styles with not many differences. However, the truth is that they come in a wide range of options. Here are some of the most common, floating diamond engagement ring styles.

  • Tension Settings: In this setting, the tension of the metal holds together the gemstone in its position between the two halves of the ring’s band. It is the simplest and most famous of all the ring settings for floating diamond rings.
  • Bezel Setting: The diamond can be suspended above the ring by using a simple bezel setting with an open airy base.
  • Bypass Rings: In this setting, it is not the two sides of the ring centered on the diamond; rather, they hold the stone perpendicular to the finger while passing by it.
  • Bar Settings: In this type of setting, the metal bars hold the diamond in the center, while making a separation with the other diamonds and designs on the band.
  • Floating Arches: The central stone of the diamond is made to float on arches above a lower band studded with diamonds. It gives an uplifting setting to the diamond.
  • Split Shank Floats: The split shank does not connect to the stone rather clings to the sides of the stone, with the ring’s setting in an elevated position above the band.

The floating diamond ring also accommodates other designs, which are much loved by women. It is possible to add gems, engraving, and many other creative ideas to the floating diamond engagement ring.

Since the floating engagement rings are becoming popular in the present day, many engagement ring stores and jewelers are selling different designs of floating diamond rings. A floating diamond engagement ring in a tension setting is available in almost all jewelry shops. However, when you go ahead choosing the ring, be mindful to look for the quality of the diamond used in the ring. Excellent clarity and color for the diamond are necessary because the diamond is in an open setting and will be noticed by everyone easily. The stone will naturally appear to be bigger because of its openness and hence the carat weight is not that important. The ring must have guards, which will protect the finger from getting hurt while wearing the ring.

Taking Care Of The Floating Diamond Engagement Ring

The floating diamond ring requires more care and protection than a normal diamond engagement ring. It is difficult to resize this ring and hence while doing the purchase, make sure that the ring is fitting for your finger. Even a slight extra tension on the ring can loosen the diamond and make it fall off the ring. To keep the ring clean, you can soak the ring in the appropriate jewelry cleaner, to ensure that there is no dirt accommodated in the tight setting. You need to be careful to remove the ring before doing stressful work or while performing sporting activities.

The floating diamond engagement ring worn by a bride-to-be can make her float in the air, while the ring floats above her finger.

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