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Undoubtedly, white diamonds are the ones which are usually preferred in the selection of diamonds. However, in recent times, black diamond has become very popular in the diamond industry and market. Also known as Carbonado, it presents a clear contrast to the traditional white diamond with its color and shine. If you are thinking about how to set a diamond on your wedding ring or engagement ring and have not chosen the diamond yet, a black diamond can be a good choice of your interests. It will surely be a beautiful addition to your jewelry collection as well.

There are different kinds of black diamonds available in the market. This includes the naturally mined ones, artificial ones, and treated black diamonds. Jewelers call the naturally occurring black diamonds as dry diamonds. The name suggests that the diamond is a polycrystalline diamond in an impure state. This black diamond will have a unique black shade because of the amorphous carbon and graphite content in the stone. The white diamonds, which are usually used, is in fact carbon in its solid form.

Black diamonds are unique and different from other colored diamonds in their way. The color of the other diamonds like pink, green, orange or blue is because of the impurities that they get exposed to while going through the process of formation. On the other hand, the black color of the diamond is because of the numerous dark formations in the diamond. These dark inclusions give extra hardness to the black diamonds thereby making it more useful than the white diamonds for industries. On the other hand, this hardness makes it difficult for the jewelers to cut and polish the black diamonds.

It must be understood that black diamonds are not so rare like yellow or pink diamonds. There are mines of black diamonds in the Central African Republic and Brazil. The black diamonds may not have the same sparkle and glow of the white diamonds and hence must be paired with other gemstones for a more subtle effect. Your custom designed engagement ring can look stunning if you pair a black diamond with the white diamonds.

The black diamonds are gaining popularity in the market and among the jewelry lovers and can be the ideal choice for your custom designed engagement ring you are planning to have. Contact your engagement ring designer to have a clear idea about the setting of the diamond on the ring.

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