The Uniqueness of Tension Set Rings

Tension Set Engagement Rings
Tension Set Rings

The tension set engagement rings have a special beauty to it. The smooth and glossy lines of the rings along with their natural elegance add to the unmatched charm of the setting. Among the engagement ring designs of the time, the tension setting is considered as one of the latest and most loved designs. The most important advantage of the tension set engagement rings is that they have their original beauty highlighted rather than the highlighting of any other extra enhancement works.

The nominal but elegant appearance of the tension setting has made it the classic among all the contemporary designs of rings. The diamond or the other gemstone, which is in a tension setting, will seem to be floating in the mid-air, within the band. The tension setting makes use of special metals, which are capable of holding the stone in its place. The band of the ring fully acts like two prongs holding the gemstone in its position. There are small slots on the band to fit around the diamond girdle.

The tensile strength that holds the stone is very high, and hence, the name is suiting for the setting itself. Since the diamond in a tension setting appears to be floating or suspended, it is called also as a floating diamond. Not all of the tension settings of rings are made in the same manner. The tension setting is made depending on the diamond that is to be placed in the setting. The setting is crafted such that the particular diamond is safely held in its place.

So many couples worry about the safety of the tension setting of diamonds. The concern is because the diamond is held only by two points, unlike the other settings in which four or six prongs hold it. However, the truth is that, the tension setting is one of the safest settings for diamonds. This is because tension set engagement rings use stronger band metal than the ones used to make the prongs of other rings.

In tension set engagement rings, more part of the metal comes in contact with the stone compared to the four or six-pronged settings in which only a narrow part of the metal holds the diamond. Therefore, the stone in a tension setting is much safer than the one in a traditional setting. White gold is commonly used for making the tension set engagement rings because it has greater strength and is also more durable.

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