The Truth About Bezel Set Diamond Ring

Bezel-Set Diamond Ring
Bezel-Set Diamond Ring

The bezel-set ring is the most misunderstood, yet one of the sought-after ring settings; the linguistic origin of this name is French. Its main specialty is that it is old-fashioned and modern at the same time, and this is the main reason that it is still in vogue. In this setting, the center stone is surrounded by a metal rim. Also, compared to the solitaire setting, the bezel setting is relatively older. Having said that, this setting is officially vogue among gem setters. Read on to know the truth about the bezel set ring.

The Upgraded Bezel Setting

Sometimes, people might imagine the bezels as hand-hammered type with a chunky medieval flair, but this is a style of the past. The bezel-set diamond ring of today is streamlined, beautiful, slimmer, and adds practicality. Compared to the solitaire setting, the bezel setting is easier to manage, and this makes them a better fit for most modern women.

The Modern Bezel Set Diamond Ring

The USP of the bezel setting over other diamond ring settings is that the former prioritizes functionality over glamor. However, the quality of the bezel design can make them look either like sculptures or sockets. Keep in mind that an exquisitely designed bezel set diamond ring can have limitless beauty.

An excellently designed bezel setting must secure the diamond in place with a minimal amount of ring metal. Also, it must cover even the tiniest portion of the edge of the center stone; this can ensure that the stone is not darkened. The design must be made by a skilled craftsman and a reputed diamond jeweler. Keep in mind that the hammering of the bezel around the edge of the diamond must be done carefully. Otherwise, it will distort the frame around the center stone creating a muddled mess that looks ugly.

The Specialty Of The Bezel Setting

The main feature of the bezel set diamond ring is the delicate rim around the center stone. Inside this collar, the girdle of the stone must fit snugly in the groove. Also, compared to other ring settings, the bezel setting uses a little more metal. This, when combined with the craftsmanship required for making the bezel setting, adds extra cost to this type of diamond ring.

Compared to the solitaire setting, bezel set diamond rings sparkle less, but this depends very much on the cut quality of the center stone. For example, an ideal cut stone will dazzle, while a poorly cut stone can look dull or dim.

These are some of the important points that you must know before buying a bezel set diamond ring.

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