The Pros And Cons Of Some Popular Diamond Ring Settings

Bezel Set Diamond Ring
Bezel Set Diamond Ring

The most visible and striking feature of any diamond engagement ring is its center stone. Many first-time buyers are unaware of the various types of ring settings that play a crucial role in the appearance of the ring. For example, one of the popular choices is the bezel set diamond ring because of the protection it offers to the stone. In this article we will discuss some of the diamond ring setting, and their pros and cons. Read ahead to know more about them.

Bezel Setting

Bezel setting was the only way diamond rings were set up until the arrival of the tiffany setting. In a bezel set diamond ring, only the crown of the stone is visible because the girdle of the diamond is surrounded by the ring metal. They are not usually picked because of the metal used, but still, remains a popular choice. Besides, this is an ideal ring setting for those who have an active lifestyle. Also, it can hold different types of diamond shapes, and this makes this design versatile. Moreover, because of the use of more metal, it requires craftsmanship and careful metalwork.


  • Ideal for people with an active lifestyle
  • Protects the center stone from knocking loose
  • Does not snag


  • Expensive craftsmanship
  • Reduces the brilliance of the center stone because of the less exposed surface area of the diamond.

Tension Setting

The tension setting is used in both wedding and engagement diamond rings, and it is popular for its unique style. This is because this ring setting creates the illusion that the stone is floating in the air with the aid of prongs around the girdle of the center stone. It also creates the feeling that the diamond is not safe or secure. But this is not true as the stone is secure with ring metal running along half its girdle. However, the biggest disadvantage of this ring setting is that the diamond is vulnerable to chipping.

Often tension setting diamond rings are placed within solitaire setting, and this is a popular choice because the center stone grabs the attention. Another popular variant is the cathedral tension style setting, and it can either have a plain band or metalwork below the centerstone.


  • More brilliance as light enters from different angles.
  • It can be combined with other settings.


  • Difficult to find a matching band
  • Too many diamonds cannot be used as they distract the attention from the center stone.

Tiffany Setting

Tiffany setting is a solitaire setting that is trademarked by the Jeweler Tiffany’s, and it emerged in 1886. It is a small setting that only covers the edge of the diamond.


  • Less metal is used
  • The V-shaped prongs secure the diamond


  • Snagging of prongs
  • Expensive

We hope that the details shared above will help in your purchase of diamond engagement rings.

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