The Pros and Cons of Custom Engagement Rings

Bezel Setting
Custom Engagement Ring Tips

Your diamond engagement rings must be unique, elegant, and expressive representation of your eternal relationship that you share with your significant other. In most cases, it will be hard to find such a readymade ring at the local store. Usually, readymade diamond rings are manufactured in bulk and tend to lack the unique factor. Otherwise, you will have to purchase your rings from a designer diamond ring store that handcraft all their jewelry pieces to make them exclusive.

However, this will not be a practical option for the couples who are on a tight budget. Another option that you may consider is to design your own diamond ring keeping your budget, style, and personality in mind. If you are wondering about whether or not bespoke diamond engagement rings will be the right choice for you, it is better to do a thorough pro-con comparison. Some of those significant points are given below.

The Pros

You can craft your imagination and inspiration to a unique style statement ring. For this, first, discuss the details with your partner and then, consult a credible diamond ring designer to make it happen. It will be better to check out social media pages or Pinterest boards of your stylish friends or celebrities to get inspiration. Currently, bezel setting and tension setting are ruling the diamond engagement ring field after the prong setting.

You can also browse through the sites of popular diamond ring boutiques and adapt the elements that you like in different pieces and share it with your jeweler. You can always cherish this exciting and adventurous diamond ring creation story for a lifetime adding more emotions to your beautiful diamond engagement rings. Plus, you can be confident about the quality of your diamond ring since you have selected every element in your ring.

The Cons

Sometimes, custom diamond rings can get so pricey, particularly if you are including many intricate details to your symbol of love. Some designers may give you an estimate, but it is your responsibility to make sure that the entire designing process stays within your budget. Note that some greedy diamond ring designers may try to lure you to design an extravagant piece that will be profitable for them. Sadly, an amateur can easily fall for this trap.

You can hardly find a jewelry store that boasts a return policy for custom-made rings. So, if your fiancée didn’t like the ring design or if the ring size is wrong, it will be a sheer waste of your savings. So, you cannot take a chance here and will have to let go of your dream to surprise your better half with an out-of-the-box proposal.

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