The Most Prominent Settings for Engagement Rings

Bezel Set Engagement Rings
Engagement Ring Settings

The mounting of your engagement ring is an important property for the attractiveness of any diamond ring. A setting like the Diamond bezel setting becomes a part of the diamond and adds beauty to the ring. Therefore, you need to be careful while picking the diamond engagement ring.

A ring is made of 2 parts-the shank or the body of the ring, and the gallery or head, which is the metal that sets the diamond in its place. Below is a discussion on some of the most prominent diamond engagement ring settings.

Prong Setting

These are some of the most common settings for diamond engagement rings. They comprise of small claws that rise up from the metal to grasp the diamond stone. They can carry any sized stone but are usually used to carry larger stones.

Prong settings differ based on the shape of the diamond. In the case of round brilliant diamonds, there are usually four or six claws keeping the diamond up. Both setting are considered safe, while the four prong setting allows you to see more of the stone. Sometimes they also take on the shape of a V to protect the stone.

Bezel Setting

In Bezel set engagement rings, the metal is formed along the perimeter of the diamond. This style was common in the late 19th century before it vanished from the scene. Later in the 1990s, there was a revival of this design. Many people chose this as a contemporary style.

There are a couple of styles in bezel settings. This includes a full bezel- it encircles the entire stone. There is a partial bezel- it holds openings on two sides and holds two sides of the stone. The full bezel covers almost 10% of the diamond.

Halo Setting

In the halo setting, the center stone of the ring is kept under the rim decorated with pave diamonds. This is more popular with celebrities. The setting brings a dazzling look to the ring and stands out as a feminine design. There are round as well as square halo designs available.

Channel Setting

A channel setting consists of diamond placed in rows along each other’s side. They sit in individual seats cut into the side of the channels. These are commonly used as side stones accenting the main stone or in wedding band designs. Due to its continuity, it stands as a symbol of everlasting love and commitment. It is popular in eternity wedding or anniversary bands too.

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