The Growing Popularity Of Beautiful Champagne-Coloured Diamonds

Champagne Diamonds
Champagne Diamonds

Diamonds the color of champagne – with hues ranging from light to dark brown with a beautiful yellow tint! These newly popular diamonds are as beautiful as they sound. The unique color, as well as physical and chemical properties, exactly the same as that of colorless diamonds, make these a choice of many women as the center stone in their engagement ring.

The Unique Colour

A stunning champagne colored diamond engagement ring can go with any attire the bride-to-be chooses to wear. The eye-catching color of these stones is the result of nitrogen atoms present in the crystal structure of the diamonds. These traces of nitrogen are trapped in their crystal structure during their formation in the depths of the earth, under extreme conditions of heat and pressure. The higher the content of nitrogen, the darker the shade of brown.

Champagne diamonds are sometimes referred to as cognac diamonds; owing to their unique color variations. These diamonds have a darker shade of brown. Unlike colorless diamonds that depreciate in value with an increase in inclusions and flaws, the value of champagne diamonds increases with increased tint, resulting in their beautiful, natural color.

Chocolate diamonds are yet another name used for champagne diamonds. This name, however, is the specific brand name used by Le Vian for their curated selection of champagne diamonds. These diamonds have the exact same properties as normal champagne diamonds.

The Rising Popularity

More and more women are choosing to go with their own unique choices when it comes to the diamonds in their engagement and wedding jewelry, rather than following the tradition of using expensive colorless diamonds. Champagne diamonds account for a major share in these diamond choices, owing to their beautiful color and budget-friendly options. Light or dark brown champagne diamonds can be matched with colorless or slightly tinted diamonds as well as other gemstones, to make aesthetically pleasing jewelry at almost half the cost of colorless diamond jewelry.

An expert jeweler can help you pick the best champagne diamond to be set in your engagement ring. They can also recommend options like pave setting for the rest of the stones, which might go well with the center champagne diamond.

The recent popularity of champagne diamonds as a choice for jewelry like engagement rings has increased its demand and a resultant increase in its price. However, many reputed jewelers still offer high-quality champagne diamonds at a reasonable price.

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