Subtle Ways to Make the Center Diamond of an Engagement Ring Stand Out

Bezel Setting
Bezel Set Engagement Rings

If it has been requested specifically, but then you have been given some amount of leeway with regards to design, the solitaire diamond setting functions as a wonderful ‘blank canvas’. This is because simple designs often carry the most beauty, and there are lots of subtle ways to add interest or slightly more flair to a solitaire ring without compromising a classic look.

Select a Cool Center Stone Shape

Take advantage of the classic silhouette as well as adding a shape that catches the eye. Consider a marquise or pear shaped diamond set on a thin gold band. This would give a wholly different look from wide platinum rings set with round brilliant diamonds. Use your ring’s proportions to your advantage, as well as select an ‘Excellent’ cut stone to get fire and light dispersion that makes the whole thing really pop.

Change the Metal Prong Orientation

By changing the metal prongs’ orientation on a four claw solitaire and mimicking the settings upon a compass, the eye is drawn to the east and west or north and south, which gives this timeless design a modern feel.

Incorporate Pave Accent Diamonds

Technically, a traditional solitaire does not comprise any pave details – the stone stands alone in the ring setting. That said, delicate is the way to go, especially if you are looking to make the center stone stand out. Choose it if you need to accentuate the center diamond. Accent diamonds along the metal band of your ring add that extra touch of shine while not detracting from the bigger center diamond. Instead of being a purely solitaire setting, this turns it into a pave-set solitaire.

Try a Colored Center Stone

The bold and rich shades available nowadays in colored diamonds as well as gems, are astounding. Choose subtle hues for an elegant and understated ring, or deep and saturated colors that give a real wow factor.

Choose a Bezel Setting

The sleek, clean lines of a metal bezel setting necessitate nearly flawless attention to detail as well as allowing the piece to really shine. If you are thinking about buying bezel set engagement rings for your lady-love, then go for the rose gold band. The warm hue of the precious metal would add a bit of softness to the design. This look is both modern and feminine, but with a touch of tradition still retained.

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