Romantic Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas to Consider

Bezel Setting
Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

So, you are on your wedding band hunt now? Note that considering a platinum band encrusted with a diamond centerpiece or the one that flaunts the prong setting, bezel setting, or tension setting has become clichéd these days. In fact, most couples are now steering away from such common designs and are looking for something new, fresh, personal, and unique. This may sound like a lot of work. However, you can easily tackle this option if you plan things strategically.

One of the best options that you may consider in this case is to inscribe something romantic and personal on your wedding bands. Of course, what will be a better option than engraving your diamond wedding bands in order to give it a personal touch of love? On a related note, if you are wondering about the best art to engrave on your wedding ring, the sky is the limit.

So, without further ado, start researching on the best quotes, designs, etc., to be inscribed on your nuptial bands. In order to help you out with this, some of the best wedding diamond ring engraving ideas that you may consider to make your sparkler an amazing romantic sentiment that both of you can cherish for the rest of your life are given below.

Wedding Vows

Nowadays, most couples tend to craft their own wedding vows to make the affair more personal, romantic, and ever-memorable. So, why not inscribe those eternal vows on your wedding bands so that both of you can cherish your love for each other whenever you look at your bands. Undoubtedly, most wedding bands will not be that wide or big to accommodate all your nuptial vows. So, you may choose any of the phrase or sentence that describes your love towards your better half in the best way possible such as ‘to have and to hold’.

A Romantic Phrase

You can also inscribe some romantic phrases on the rings. For this, you can either use something that you often say to your partner or you can choose to surprise your partner by engraving a romantic phrase in a different language. Note that French, Italian, and Latin are some of the best options in this regard. Two of the romantic and meaningful options that you can consider are ‘Pour Tous jours’ and ‘Semper amemus’, which means ‘for all days’ and ‘let us always love’, respectively in English. Apart from this, you may also consider the following wedding band engraving ideas.

  • Fingerprint inscription
  • Old English engraving
  • Meaningful symbols
  • Something that is connected to your relationship

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