Ring Settings to Give a Bigger Appearance for Your Diamonds

Diamond Bezel
Diamond Ring Settings

Most people like bigger diamonds for their engagement ring, but unfortunately cannot afford them because of the price. Even though you are not able to buy a large diamond, you can give a bigger appearance to it with the right ring setting. Below mentioned are a few of such settings that will provide a larger look for your stones.

Illusion Setting

This setting is used to give a larger appearance for a nearly colorless diamond using a metal that matches the color of the stone. Here the diamond will be set in a head made of white metal that is made of ripples. Therefore, this head will also look like the diamond that it reflects. This will give an illusion of the size of the stone. But be aware that the color of the metal should complement the color of the stone for this setting to work.

If your stone has a yellow color, then you will have to use gold to match the diamond’s color. This design will go really well with the diamond bezel setting, as the metal surrounds the entire circumference of the stone. It is most suitable for stones with carat weights less than 0.50 as you can give a larger appearance for your stone without having to spend a huge amount.

Cluster Setting

Here a large number of small diamonds will be arranged together to give it a bigger appearance. This design will maximize the sparkle and brilliance of your ring. The cluster will look like a big diamond, hence will give you the satisfaction of having a large diamond on your ring without spending a good fortune that is required for a diamond with more carat weights.

But when choosing this setting, you have to make sure that all the small stones you use in the cluster have the same size and color. Otherwise, it will reduce the appeal of your ring. This design will give your low profile diamond rings a more extravagant look.

Another advantage of this setting is that it provides more protection for your stones similar to bezel diamond rings, as they will have more metal covering the stones.

Halo Setting

A diamond can be given a larger look by surrounding it with small diamonds. If you artfully arrange smaller diamonds around a center stone, it will make the center stone look bigger. Even if your center stone is below 0.50 carats it can be given an illusion of size when it is combined with accents stones of similar color.

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