Reasons Why You Need To Choose Tension Setting For Your Diamond Ring

Tension Setting
Tension Setting

If you’re looking for a unique way to set your diamond engagement ring, a tension setting is a great option. There is a wide range of settings for a diamond and choosing one can be very difficult. In prong setting, the center stone is usually held in place by prongs that snuggle the diamond into position. Settings like halo or bezel wrap completely around the gemstone. While these types of safe settings are used to secure most diamond engagement rings, the tension setting does not belong to this category.

The diamond is not held in place by clasps or prongs in a tension setting. Instead, it is the ring’s design, particularly the band, that secures the stone.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the benefits of tension settings.

Highly Durable

The tension setting, at first appearance, looks dangerous. It isn’t, however, as delicate as you think. Tension settings are appreciated for their long-term stability and reliability. While the center diamond appears to be hovering, it is kept in position by metal bands that create tension and keep the stone in position.

Additional prongs are used to hold various tension settings in position for greater security. While tension settings are resistant to excessive force, they are susceptible to it. A force powerful enough to displace the stone is extremely rare, but it isn’t impossible.

Ensure Better Sparkle

The manner in which the light is dispersed through the diamond is one of the most appealing characteristics of the tension setting. This setting allows light to travel through the diamond and reflect in all directions without the use of hardware or encroaching settings, which reduce the diamond’s brightness.

As a result, the brilliance and sparkle of a tension engagement ring are unconstrained. A tension setting is the least invasive, allowing your center stone to shimmer and sparkle from every aspect.

Easier To Maintain

Tension settings are simple to clean, making maintenance a delight. Dirt doesn’t collect in nooks and cavities because there are no prongs or metal in the way. It’s simple to maintain a clean tension setting, which means more glitz and less work.

Offer Full Visibility

The biggest benefit is that with a tension set ring, practically the entire diamond will be clearly visible. The diamond receives more light, allowing it to sparkle to its greatest potential. As a result, having the appropriate diamond cut for the setting is more critical than ever when using a tension setting. Princess cuts, emerald cuts, and round cuts are the most suitable choices.

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