Protective Stone Settings For Rings

Bezel Setting
Bezel Setting

There is a huge variety of options available when it comes to setting gemstones in a ring. Some settings are designed to enhance the beauty of the gemstones by offering them maximum exposure, whereas, some other settings are intended to provide maximum protection to the stones. Certain gemstones like opals, pearls, tanzanites, etc. can be highly vulnerable to damage. Even more durable stones like diamonds and rubies can also be damaged if they are exposed to high pressure.

If you are a person who works a lot with your hands, then it is important for you to choose ring settings that can offer better protection for the stone. Otherwise, there is a great possibility to lose your precious gemstones.

The following are some of the best ring settings that can offer enhanced protection to your gemstones. They can be suitable for you if you engage in strenuous activities with your hands, as they can protect your precious stones from damage.

Bezel Setting

This is one of the best ring settings that can give great security for your stones. The bezel setting wraps your stone in metal and only the top surface of this stone will be exposed in contrast to the prong setting, where the sides of the stone can also be exposed.

As the sides of the stones are not exposed in a bezel set ring, the chance for chipping is very low. Additionally, it can be very easy to clean and maintain thins ring, as there are fewer places for the dirt to get trapped. The chance of losing the stone is also extremely low, as the metal that wraps the stone has a strong hold on it.

Tension Setting

Tension-set rings can offer a unique look with their gravity-defying appearance. Here, the stone appears to be held by the force between the metal bands, but in reality, it will be secured snugly by small grooves lasered into the metal. The girdle of the stone will slide into the grooves and the tension between the bands holds it in place.

Tension-Style Setting

This setting offers a look that is similar to tension setting, however, the stone will be additionally secured by the bezel setting at the bottom. Hence, if you want a tension-set ring with enhanced safety, then this setting can be an awesome choice for you.

Along with offering better protection to the gemstone, all these settings can offer a sleek and modern look to your ring which makes them an appealing option for millennials.

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