Picking Out the Most Secure Diamond Ring Setting

Bezel Setting
Diamond Ring Setting

Diamonds are known for their appealing look, which normally includes stunning brilliance. People look for only the most beautiful diamonds when they purchase rings to propose with. However, buying one and getting it set on a band does not conclude what you need to be doing as a buyer. There are other factors to look into, such as the safety of the studded stone. The more secure your diamond ring, the lighter your mind can be when you walk around with it on your finger. There are several settings which offer high degrees of safety, and others that entail taking special care when wearing the ring in the open. Below is a look at some of the settings on diamond rings which offer good levels of safety.

Bezel Settings

In the bezel setting, the metal partially covers the face of the studded diamond. Although not the most popular diamond setting, this does offer the most safety. In bezel set engagement rings, the diamond is sheathed in metal, making it almost impossible for it to fall off. Furthermore, it does not get stuck on clothes like with other settings.

Prong Settings

In the case of prong settings, every diamond shape has a recommended prong count. To pick safely, you would ideally go in for a setting with a higher number of prongs. For instance, for round cut diamonds, you can pick either a four-prong setting or a six-prong one. The former is undoubtedly the better option for flaunting the beauty of the diamond on the band, while the latter is a much safer alternative.

Safer Shapes

There is a whole category of diamond shapes where the center stone is always under threat of getting knocked out of its setting or getting chipped. The latter happens more to sharp-edged diamonds, which are more vulnerable than round shaped counterparts, which are more sensible choices when it comes to safety.

Flush Settings

When you choose a diamond ring where the gemstone is aligned perfectly to the band’s metal surface, you have what is called a flush setting. This setting is advisable if you follow an active lifestyle involving considerable physical motion or activity. Furthermore, this is a cheaper setting than others. Note that the channel, bar, and invisible settings are good choices as well.

There are many rings which pose at least some risk to the stone studded on them. You can easily preserve these as long as you remain slightly more careful concerning gemstone safety. Make sure to examine each ring setting you see carefully, and to get an idea of the amount of safety you need to maintain while wearing the ring. Make the final purchase only after having weighed such matters carefully.

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