Is it Ideal to Choose a Bezel Set Ring for your Engagement?

Bezel Set Engagement Rings
Engagement Ring Settings

The bezel setting is one of the non-conventional options for diamond engagement rings. In this setting, the main gemstone of your rings will be encased in a metal setting exposing only the front portion of your ring. Below are a few reasons that facilitate the idea of choosing bezel set engagement rings.

It Offers the Maximum Amount of Protection

By encasing your center stone from every angle, bezel setting offers the maximum degree of security when compared to other popular settings such as prongs, tension, etc. Note that the only way with which you can fix a gemstone once it is chipped or scratched is by re-cutting it. Needless to say, this will be really expensive. So, choosing bezel set engagement rings will be an ideal option if you lead an active lifestyle or if you are a clumsier person who often knocks into things. Furthermore, bezel set rings will not snag onto your clothes or other fabrics since it does not employ any sharp edges.

It is a Unique Option

If you crave for a unique diamond ring style for your engagement so that you can stand out from the rest of the crowd, a bezel set diamond ring is your way to go. It is to be noted that the number of people flaunting bezel set engagement rings will be way less than those who own solitaire, halo, and three-stone diamond rings. In addition, you do not have to beautify a bezel set diamond ring with a fancy setting or side stones, because the bezel setting itself will do the job. Of course, you may add embellishments if you want to lift up the eye-catchiness of your sparkler even more.

It Gives a Fuller Appearance

Another reason that adds to the popularity of bezel set engagement rings is the fuller appeal of the center diamond. Note that the metal case that acts as a beautiful frame for your center stone will highlight your gemstone to the best, making it evident and larger. In case you are concerned about the sparkle of your bezel set diamond rings, you can consider half bezel setting. Here, any of the two sides of the diamond will be protected by the metal setting, in turn exposing more surface area of the center stone. Besides, this option will be way more affordable than a halo setting that offers almost the same appeal.

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