Important Points That You Must Consider When Selecting Diamond Ring Setting

Bezel Setting
Bezel Setting

One of the most important parts in selecting a diamond ring is the ring setting, and it is done depending on various factors. This along with the center stone impacts the beauty of the ring. Choosing the right ring setting enhances the color, cut, shape, and even creates the illusion of a larger stone size. Additionally, it also determines the safety of the stone. For instance, the bezel setting is more suitable for those who have an active lifestyle.

Diamond Ring Setting

The diamond ring setting is important as it determines the safety of the precious stone that it holds, and some are safer than the others. Besides, the style and tone of the ring are set by it. Different types of precious metals can be used for making it, and this ranges from white gold to platinum to silver. The most used metal is gold of various karat qualities like 24k, 20k, 18k, 16k, 14k, and 10k. The type of metal used affects the structural integrity of the ring, and platinum is the most durable choice. A few of the key pointers in selecting the best diamond ring setting are listed below.

The Color Of The Ring Metal

The most widely used metal for a diamond ring is white gold. However, yellow gold and platinum are also used, and the main factor that determines the choice of metal is usually the budget.

The Orientation Of The Centre Stone

The position of the diamond on the ring setting is important. For example, a stone placed high on the setting is more susceptible to coming in contact with objects.

The Width Of The Band

The width of the wedding ring band affects its durability, as well as the comfort of wearing it. A wideband is ideal if you are planning to get the ring engraved as they are easier to read and customize. Also, its size is determined by the style of the diamond wedding or engagement ring.

The Lifestyle Of The Wearer

The choice of diamond ring setting is also determined by the lifestyle of the person wearing it. Apart from these points, if the diamond ring is part of a wedding ring set, then the ring setting is selected in such a way that it complements the other ring when worn together.

Different Diamond Ring Settings

  • The prong setting
  • The halo setting
  • The bezel ring setting
  • The channel ring setting
  • The barring setting
  • The gypsy ring setting
  • The tension ring setting
  • The pave ring setting

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