How To Choose An Engagement Ring That Matches Your Lifestyle?

Bezel Setting
Engagement Ring Selection

When shopping for an engagement ring, you will come across different ring settings like bezel setting, prong setting, pave setting etc. But every setting may not be suitable for everyone. Each setting has its own unique features and characteristics and you must be aware of them before selecting a ring setting. In this article we are analyzing different ring settings based on different lifestyles that people follow. This article will help you to select the best engagement ring that will match your lifestyle.

Bezel Setting

If you are leading an active lifestyle or if your job is more physically demanding, then this is a wonderful choice for you. Here the diamond will be encircled by a thin strip of metal which securely holds it in position. This setting ensures maximum safety for your stone, so there is only less possibility for your stone to get damaged even if you are engaged in strenuous activities involving your hands.

Prong Setting

In this setting, the stone will be held by prongs allowing maximum visibility for your diamond. This is a beautiful design and is suitable for those who want a simple and professional look. It is ideal for everyday use.

But this design is not suitable for those who work with their hands. The stone is attached to the shank by only prongs, which means that there is only a minimum amount of metal covering your diamond. So the stone will be more exposed and will easily get damaged.

Pave Setting

Like the prong setting, the stones will cover the surface continually in this setting. It is undeniably attractive and elegant and provides great brilliance. But this setting is not apt for everyday use and is better to use them on special occasions.

Micro Setting

In this setting the surface of the ring will be set covered with rows of tiny diamonds. It uses both prong and pave settings. Even though this setting is considered to be safe to a great extend, it is better to avoid giving more stress than necessary as the ring has a large number of small stones in it.

Illusion Setting

This is a special design where a stone will be accentuated by surrounding it with a collet of metal that is brightly burnished. The metal around the stone will make sure that it is secure. This is also another setting which is suitable for everyday use. Those who have an active lifestyle can also choose this setting as it gives good protection for the stone as in a bezel ring.

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