Hinting your Partner about your Dream Engagement Ring

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So, you and your guy are committed to each other and you can expect a wedding proposal anytime. Even though you are likely to be excited when you think about the way your man may pop the question, you are likely to be a bit tensed as well. Note that the diamond engagement ring is a lifetime commitment and you may wear your symbol of love for the rest of your life. Hence, you cannot afford any kind of mistakes in this case.

In simple words, you are likely to be nervous thinking whether or not your guy will succeed in choosing the diamond ring that you dream of. Needless to mention, it will be really sad if you admire brilliant options like prong and tension setting for your engagement and your partner surprised you with a bezel set ring, which flaunts a classic but low-key appeal.

Besides, it is not proper etiquette to push your partner’s hand as well. Thankfully, there are certain ways to hint him about the type of engagement ring that you desire without hitting him over the head. Some of those ideas that you may consider to steer your better half in the right direction towards your beloved diamond engagement ring are given below.

Rely on Social Media Pages

The social media pages of couples are likely to witness every phase of their relationship such as the friendship, dating, special weekends, vacations, etc. So, what will be a better option than your social media feed to hint your better half about the diamond engagement ring you love? For this, start sharing the images of the diamond rings you like, follow your favorite designer, make a Pinterest board, etc., and make sure that your guy sees it.

You can also leave your social media feed tab open so that your partner can see it. Additionally, make sure to give him enough time to contemplate on the details. You will be surely amazed at how much social media can help you to communicate with your future husband without really speaking.

Go for Window Shopping

You can hardly find a couple who does not love window shopping. So, if you feel than your partner may pop the question soon, it is better to take him to your favorite diamond ring store for window shopping and tell him about the ring designs you like. Try not to be too pushy or bragging about the diamond ring designs since your guy may understand your tactics. To avoid this, it is better to go to necklace or earring section and tell him about the type of diamonds and metal settings you like. Otherwise, you can play nicely by accompanying a friend and act like you are helping her to choose a ring. This will surely nudge your partner in the right direction.

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