Factors to Consider When Remaking a Diamond Ring

Bezel Set Diamond
Diamond Ring Settings

People are likely to wear their diamond engagement and wedding rings for the rest of their life. Note that these rings that mark important milestones in the life of couples are considered as the symbol of everlasting love and commitment. Even if you own high-quality and durable diamond rings, they are likely to get damaged over time.

Thankfully, you can always remake your diamond rings. Note that it is better to fix your diamond rings for simple damages rather than remaking it. The case of remaking diamond rings arise mainly in heirloom diamond rings that are centuries old. Without any doubts, it will be a bit costly to remake old diamond rings. This will, however, depend on the type of ring that you want to remake.

The cost of new materials that you would like to include in your new ring as well tends to add to the overall remaking price. Since there is a countless number of diamond ring types and designs available, the possibilities of remaking rings will be infinite. However, you may consider mainly two aspects in this case to get an in-depth idea about the same; the cost of remaking a diamond engagement ring and that to buy an elegant wedding diamond ring.

Unlike diamond wedding rings, diamond engagement rings will be usually extravagant and may feature various intricate detailing. Hence, it will be challenging and expensive to remake an engagement ring when compared to a wedding diamond ring. In the case of engagement rings, you can use the existing diamonds and some new materials, especially new metal settings to give it a stunning makeover.

For instance, if you have a damaged bezel set diamond ring, you can give it a new look by setting the same stone using the tension setting. The latter will be, however, more affordable than the former in this case since the metal setting is less in the tension set diamond rings. Additionally, tension diamond ring setting will highlight the stone better and will create a stylish appeal when compared to its former style. You can also change the metal color of the ring to have a drastic change. Some people tend to replicate the original design as well to give it a vintage appeal.

When it comes to wedding bands, even the ones that feature intricate details such as hand engraving can also be replicated. Here, the task will be much easier because of the less complexity of the design when compared to engagement rings. Some of the main and common factors that add to the overall price of remaking a diamond ring are listed below.

  • Addition of new diamonds or gemstones
  • Addition of new metal settings and structures
  • The age of the ring
  • The complexity of the diamond ring design
  • Replacing the existing diamond with a bigger one
  • Melting down a ring to create a new one

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