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Tension Setting
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In most conventional engagement rings, whether solitaire pieces or those with a center stone and accompanying stones, you will notice there are baskets, prongs or clasps that hold the center stone in place. However, tension set engagement rings will not have these claws, clasps, or baskets. Instead, the means of holding it in place is the tension, ring structure, and especially the metal band. It is like holding an object between the forefinger and thumb – the tighter you hold, the more secure it is.

What Exactly is a Tension Set Diamond Ring?

For an engagement ring, which usually features a center diamond, this style really shows it off. The stone is securely held in the opening of the metal band, and then held there by the pressure exerted from the open ends.

The overall look of a tension engagement ring is simply stunning, as its centerpiece looks as though it is floating. Moreover, the light play is unobstructed, and you get to see the center stone in all its glistening glory. That being said, there a few relative cons and pros to choosing a ring with tension setting, and different situations where it may be or may not be an ideal choice.

The Pros

There is no doubt that tension set diamond rings will amaze anyone who is looking at them. They are impressive also because people can see the stone in full view from many angles. More natural light can enter it, which makes for a dazzling display of shine. The tension setting in no way inhibits that.

They are often custom-made.So, you are limited to choosing the traditional the center stone type or diamond shape. Instead, you could select from any of the fancy diamond cuts and shapes too, which match your personality in the best way.

The Cons

By nature, engagement rings are intended to be worn for a lifetime. However, you will have to resize your piece at some point or the other, most notably when you lose or gain weight. Tension set rings are tough to resize in relation to a traditional engagement ring. Changes may affect the tension as well as calibration of measurements that secure the center stone. However, this is not impossible to do.

Besides, only a few jewelers offer tension set rings, so you will have to research a lot to find one. You can always go the online shopping way though to browse through different styles of tension set diamond rings.

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