Everything You Need to Know about a Three-Stone Engagement Ring

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Each engagement ring setting has its own pros and cons. Traditional brides love solitaire because cleaning and maintaining it is easy. The good thing about a bezel setting is the durability it offers; if you are an active person, it might just be your best option. However, one setting is a favorite among women, and we feel it has to do with Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle.

Duchess of Sussex has a three-stone engagement ring, which was in the news when she upgraded it recently. Royal watchers were quick to spot the upgraded piece, and word spread like wildfire. If you are not in the know about this, you could do with an introduction to this popular style.

What is a Three-Stone Ring

As the name implies, this is a jewelry piece with three gemstones. The center stone is usually the biggest one of the lot, and the ones on each side of the centerpiece are relatively smaller. The centerpiece represents a relationship’s present, and the side stones signify its past and future. This is why this piece is known as past, present and future ring.

Many people choose it because to them, these gemstones symbolize the three times in their relationship. Alternatively, it can signify friendship, love, and fidelity. If you want a deeper and more personal significance in your ring, this setting may be best suited for you.

How to Make It Unique

There is scope for creativity in custom designing the ideal token of your commitment. For example, most couples go for three diamonds, but the ones on the sides could be any gemstone that is special to you. If you love blue, then sapphire may be the best option as side stones. Besides, the birthstone of you and your future spouse are meaningful side stone options too. Whichever side stones you choose, the idea should be to make your ring look different from the sea of sparkle out there. There is nothing wrong with choosing three white diamonds for your three-stone ring, but give this a thought: do you want something traditional or a conventional piece with a pop of color?

Keep Within Your Ring Budget

If you choose alternative gems for the side stones, then your ring would be more affordable than an all-diamond piece. That said, an all-diamond trinity ring will be less pricey than a solitaire piece with a diamond of the same carat weight. Either way, you can make your ring look stunning.

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