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Everybody might not prefer the flashy brilliance of a round diamond.  If you are looking for a diamond with sophisticated and stylish looks, Asscher-cut or an emerald-cut diamond might be the right choice. These make great engagement rings with their attractive patterns in dark and light. Below is a discussion on the Emerald Cut and Asscher cut diamonds so that you can find the diamond that is the most suitable for you.

Advantage of Emerald-Cut & Asscher-Cut Diamonds over round diamonds

Both emerald-cut and Asscher cut diamonds are comparatively cheaper than the more common round diamond. You can save up to 30-40% on your budget by choosing these diamonds over round diamonds.

The Difference Between an Emerald Cut and an Asscher Cut

There is a small difference in the cutting patterns of Asscher cut and emerald diamonds. However, these are very difficult to detect for untrained eyes. The primary difference between the two types of diamonds is the shape. Emerald cuts are generally elongated rectangles that have their corners trimmed out. Asscher cuts are those which could be referred to as the square version of emerald cuts that have more distinguished truncated corners. This imparts an octagonal shape to these diamonds.

There are also some emerald cut diamonds which are square in shape. Note that these diamonds have comparatively gentle truncated corners. Emerald cut diamonds display a hall of mirrors effect. Their elongated shape looks appealing on the fingers. Furthermore, the emerald-cut diamonds have a specialty of making the diamonds look larger.

Asscher-cut diamonds first came into popularity during the 1920s. They are preferred as vintage style low profile engagement rings and their facets generate an attractive pattern.

Step-Cut Diamonds

Round brilliant cuts are specially created to make the maximum sparkle; step cuts give off a broad reflection. Besides, a number of angles can successfully give off a great reflection. This does not assure that every step cut has a great look about it. There are diamonds which display large dark areas within them. Make sure you avoid purchasing these pieces.

In Asscher-cut diamonds, assure that the 8 facets meet in the middle of the diamond. Certain diamonds that have been cut poorly do not reach the center completely. Such diamonds look awkward and spoil the looks of the tension setting they are set into.

Asscher and emerald cut diamonds offer a great alternative to round cut diamonds. Make sure you know about the unique characteristics of both before purchasing them.

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