Cleaning The Diamond In A Bezel Setting

Bezel Setting
Bezel Setting

We all know the importance of keeping our diamond engagement rings clean, but many of us may not find time to do the same. Have you recently noticed that your bezel diamond engagement ring has turned dull suddenly? A dirty diamond might likely be the cause. A diamond can become dirty and cloudy due to the oil and grime from your fingers. The build-up of dirt on the surface of the stone can severely hamper the capability of the stone to transmit light.

There are many ways to clean your bezel diamond engagement ring or any other diamond engagement ring to restore its sparkle and luster. You can easily clean bezel setting rings as the diamond will be firmly set on the ring. Follow the steps shared below to clean your diamond engagement rings.

Steps To Clean Diamond Rings

  • Take warm water in a small cup. The water should be lukewarm so that you can touch it without burning your fingers.
  • Add a few drops of hand soap or detergent to the warm water and mix it well to make the water soapy. Make sure to use only a small amount of detergent.
  • Place the bezel diamond engagement ring in the water for a few minutes. Soaking the diamond ring in the soapy water will let the grime deposited on the stone to breakdown, letting you remove it easily.
  • Take another cup with warm water and add ammonia-based glass cleaner to it. Make sure not to use chlorine-based cleaners, as they might react with some of the metals used to make jewelry.
  • After letting the ring bath in the detergent, move it to the second cup with glass cleaner. You need to do steps 4 and 5 only if your ring is very dirty. Else, you may skip these steps.
  • Remove the ring from the solution and clean it with a brush having soft bristles. If the ring has prong settings, you need to be careful while scrubbing with the brush, as the bristles can get caught by the prongs, making the prongs loose.
  • After scrubbing with the soft brush, place the ring back in the water and detergent solution. Brush the ring in the solution to remove the loosened dirt.
  • Hold the ring under clean running water to rinse it.
  • Pat dry the ring with a lint-free cloth and use a hairdryer if needed.

All done now! Your diamond ring will now sparkle like a new one.

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