Can You Hide The Inclusions In A Diamond?

Bezel Set Ring
Bezel Set Ring

Inclusions are flaws that can affect the clarity of diamonds. Most diamonds come with some level of inclusions and blemishes, but their visibility can greatly vary based on the size and number. The visibility of inclusions and blemishes in a diamond is graded using the factor “Clarity”. If a diamond has high clarity levels, then it will have a great value, but the price of such stones can be significantly high. When the visibility of inclusions and blemishes increases, their value can price and decrease.

If the size of inclusions is high, they can be easily visible and may affect the appeal of diamonds. But some diamonds have minor inclusions that may not be visible to the naked eye. Such inclusions won’t affect the appeal of your diamond.

Getting diamonds with inclusions can help you to save a significant amount on these stones. Even though your diamonds have slight inclusions, there are brilliant ways for you to hide them. But before knowing about how to hide diamond inclusions, it is important for you to be aware of what these flaws and how they can affect your stone. Therefore, we list some of the important things you want to know about the inclusions of a diamond:

How Inclusions Are Formed In A Diamond?

During the formation of diamonds, several impurities can get trapped inside the crystal, and these impurities are called inclusions. Inclusions are internal anomalies that naturally occur during the formation of the stone, whereas, blemishes are external flaws. The cracks and cavities inside a diamond are also considered inclusions.

Gemological labs will analyze the inclusions and blemishes in a diamond to grade the stone based on their visibility. Diamonds with no visible inclusions even under a 10x magnification are given the grade FL (flawless), whereas, diamonds with highly visible inclusions even with the naked eyes are given the grade I (Included). There are other grades between them including IF, VVS, VS, and SI which indicate how visible the inclusions are:

How To Reduce The Visibility Of Inclusions In Your Diamonds?

There are certain ways available for you to hide the inclusions in diamonds. One of the best options is to choose a brilliant cut like a round or princess-cut diamond. The great brilliance associated with these stones can help to hide the inclusions to a great extent.

Another option is to choose the setting wisely. A bezel setting can be a great aid to hide the inclusions present on the pavilion of the stone. Hence, if your diamond has inclusions in the pavilion, then choose a bezel set ring. But if the inclusions are present in the girdle, go for a prong-set ring.

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