Bezel And Prong Setting– A Comparison

Bezel Setting
Bezel Setting

Due to recent inclination observed towards diamonds, discussion regarding the setting of diamonds is inevitable. The two frontrunners in this race are prong and bezel set engagement rings. This articles aims at comparing the two setting. Continue reading to find out more.

The Basics

Prong set rings are a common sight. In its basic form, a pong set ring is essentially a ring with 4 metal pins that are placed equidistant around your diamond. From the front view, you will feel like it is a claw which is gripping onto the stone. 4, 6 and 8 metal pinned prongs are very common. On the other hand, a bezel set ring is seen to hold the diamond in place with a metal ring that goes around your diamonds entire circumference. The metal ring is ideally made to match the remaining part of the ring; either in yellow gold or platinum metal.

The Pros

In a prong setting, the majority of your diamond is displayed. What makes it timeless and elegant, is its elevated appearance. Also, thinking from the maintenance perspective, it can easily be cleaned. On the contrary, the first and foremost advantage of a bezel setting is all around protection thereby reducing the risk of potential damage. Alongside of this, a bezel set ring is sleek.

The Cons

A prong set diamond ring is always at the risk of damage because of its design. There are risks relating to the stone getting chipped off while taking a hit. Clothing is the worst enemy of this setting. Also there is a tendency for the prongs to get loose with continuous use. Whereas in the case of a bezel set ring, the larger portion of your diamond gets hidden beneath the bezel. This reduces the amount of light that your diamond will reflect. Furthermore, these types of rings look bulkier.

The comparison being made, it is up to you to decide which suits you best. Both settings are elegant in their own way. In fact we are talking about diamonds here. End of the day, all that matters is you have a diamond ring.

Nonetheless, if you intend to show off your stone a little, the obvious choice should be prong setting. On the contrary, if you are approaching the ring from the viewpoint of safety and security, then a bezel set ring is your winner! When you see the one, you will know it.

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