Best Ring Settings To Offer Protection For Your Stones

Bezel Setting
Bezel Setting

Gemstones can be very expensive, especially, diamonds. So if you are using them in your rings, it is important to make sure that they are protected and won’t be damaged easily.

The prong setting is one of the commonly used settings for diamond rings. This setting can enhance the appeal of your diamonds, as it allows maximum light to enter the stone thereby increasing the sparkle and brilliance. However, for this setting, the diamond will be held to the band using small prongs. These prongs will only cover a small part of the stone to allow the entry of light. But this can also compromise the security of your stones thereby making them vulnerable to damage, especially, if you choose a four-prong setting.

Additionally, the prongs can get loose over time, as they will easily snag on things. This can increase the risk of losing your stone. Even though the six-prong setting can provide more security for your diamond in comparison to a four-prong setting, the risk of losing your diamond is still there.

So if you value the protection of your stones, you will have to look for other ring settings that can offer better security. Some such settings are listed below for your knowledge.

Bezel Setting

This setting can offer maximum protection for your stones, as it wraps the diamond using metal. Only the upper portion of the stone will be visible in a bezel ring, unlike the prong setting that leaves the sides of the stone exposed.

One of the problems with this setting is that the metal that surrounds the stone will allow only a small amount of light to enter the stone. This can reduce the brilliance, sparkle, and visibility of your stones.

However, if you value the protection of your stone more than anything, then this setting can create a great option. A bezel-set ring won’t snag on things and the risk of losing your stone from it is very low.

Tension Setting

Here, the stone will be held between the metal bands and it offers an appearance that the center stone is suspended between these bands. For this setting, the diamond will be securely placed inside the grooves that are lasered into the metal, thereby giving better protection to the stone.

Tension-Style Setting

Even though this setting has a close similarity to tension setting in appearance, it works more like the bezel setting. Here, the stone will look like it is suspended between the bands, however, there is a bezel setting at the bottom of the stone that safely secures it to the band.

If you value the protection of your stones, then these options can be suitable for you. Apart from giving security for gemstones, they can also offer a stunning and distinct look for your diamond ring.

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