Best Ring Setting Based on the Color of Your Diamond

Bezel Setting
Bezel Setting

Choosing the right setting for your engagement ring is very important, as it will affect the appeal of your ring greatly. Also, it can have a huge impact on the color of your diamond. Hence, selecting a ring setting based on the color of your stone is significant so that it will make your stone look beautiful. Following are some suggestions that will help you to find a ring setting that is suitable for your stone.

Diamond Color Grades

The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) grades the diamond using letter symbols that range from D to Z. Based on this grading. The diamonds that are almost colorless are put into D, E, and F. Diamonds that are close to the colorless range are called Nearly Colorless and is categorized as G,H, I or J. Diamonds that fall under the grade K and onwards will have visible yellow tint present in them.

Best Setting for Stones with Yellow Tint

If your diamond has a color grade of K or lower, then it will have a yellow tint that will be visible with the naked eyes. Hence, it is better to avoid mounting your stone in a white or metallic setting, as it will make the yellow tint even more visible. The increased contrast between the color of the stone and the color of the metal will make the stone look more yellow. Therefore, it is wise to pick a colored metal or alloy instead of a white setting.

The best choice for such stones is the yellow gold, as this color will mask the yellow tint present in your diamond. Alloys with other colors, for instance, rose gold, can also do the trick. Whether you choose a prong setting or bezel setting, make sure that the part which holds the stone is also made of the same metal of the band. Otherwise, if the bezels or prongs are white, then it may reinforce more yellow color to the stone.

Best Setting for Colorless Diamonds

You will have to spend a good fortune for a colorless diamond, hence, it is important to make sure that nothing diminishes the color of your stone. Therefore, it is better to choose white gold or platinum setting for colorless stones, as they will add more whiteness to your diamond. You may choose a bezel set diamond ring or a prong set ring that will make your stone look brilliant and sparkly. You can also go for yellow gold or rose gold, but it may add a slight yellow tint to your stone.

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