An Overview About Bezel Ring Setting

Bezel Ring
Bezel Ring

Bezel set engagement or wedding rings are one of the most popular styles, as they are meant for daily use. This is because; a strip of metal fully or partially keeps the precious stone in place and provides better safety than a prong design. There are different types of bezel designs available, and each of them has its pros and cons.

Different Types Of Bezel Setting

Full Bezel Setting: In this type of setting, a strip of metal surrounds the stone, covering it from all angles. This design provides the maximum amount of protection, reducing the risk of chips and breakage. However, as the design covers most of the stone resulting in a lesser amount of light reflected reducing the brilliance.

Partial Bezel Setting: In a partial bezel setting only a portion of the stone is covered by the metal strip, and this gives more visibility to the center stone. As a result, more light is reflected giving it better brilliance than a full bezel setting.

Pros Of Bezel Setting

The bezel setting offers better protection for the diamond because of the metal strip surrounding it protecting from impacts, chipping, and breakage. Because the stone is covered, it can easily hide the flaws of the stone as well. This is very useful when the diamond cut has sharp or pointed edges such as pear cut, princess cut or marquise cut. This setting would be an ideal choice if the center stone is a soft gemstone that has hardness less than 7, such as pearl, opal, quartz or tanzanite. Besides, it is suitable for those who lead an active lifestyle.

Cons Of Bezel Setting

Since a large portion of the stone is covered by metal strip it reduces the amount of light entering as well as reflected from it. This reduces the sparkle and the gemstone’s visible surface area. This is also dependent on how the stone is set in the bezel, thickness of metal strip surrounding the stone and the width of the band. Another drawback of this setting is that it is more expensive due to the higher amount of precious metal required for the metal strip.

Caring And Cleaning The Bezel Setting

The difficulty in cleaning a bezel setting depends on the type of ring design, simple designs are easy to maintain. Usually, dirt gets lodged in the area between the bezel rim and the gemstone, as well as at the underside of the bezel. It can be cleaned using a brush dipped in warm soapy water to remove the dirt. For the best cleaning give it to your jeweler.

You choose different types of bezel ring considering the pros and cons, the ease with which it can be maintained and based on your budget.

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