All you Want to Know about Low Profile Engagement Rings

Low Profile Diamond Rings
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Rings are to be worn with ease and should fit snuggly on your fingers, whatever design and metal they are made of. These low profile diamond rings, which are comparatively new in the market, are manufactured based on this very concept. Technology has peeped into every nuance of life. Diamond manufacturing has been influenced by the demand of people with an active lifestyle opting for everything simple around them, even the rings!!

In General, What are Low Profile Rings?

The rings which are held very close to the fingers are labeled as low profile rings. In case of these rings, the depth of the diamond will be the same as the gallery. That is, the height of the ring never goes much from the level of the finger. In measurements, they will never go more than 1mm from the diamond’s depth. Usually, oval and round cut diamond are the preferred stones in low profile rings.

What Makes Low Profile Rings Unique?

While choosing your special engagement ring, it is important to find a ring that is in sync with your personality. So, some people would opt for a low sitting engagement ring, where the diamond and other stones are placed just above the finger. On the other hand, the high profile rings are no more subtle than the former. Most low profile rings use Bezel cut, rather than a prong set.

What are the Pros of Low Profile Rings?

Bezel set for low profile rings offer a mesmerizing look to the ring. Moreover, the center stone can be paved and contrast gems can be beautifully set in a band while setting it low in bezel cut. These low profile rings will be donning a vintage style or antique varieties, giving a royal feel altogether.        

What are the Cons of Low Profile Rings?

Since the diamonds are placed in a low setting; they may fail to show off the full diamond. Some critics may claim that the setting can affect the very aesthetics of the stone. Besides that, the cleaning process may seem a bit more hectic due to hard-to-reach dirt deposited in it, requiring a professional help too often.

Finally, Why Are Low Profile Ring Opted for Engagement Rings?

The most common pattern seen in an engagement ring is that the center stone highlighted to the fullest, to make the stone sit proud and high. Yet some simple people who want everything to look modest and humble are the ones who prefer low profile rings. The fear of the engagement ring getting snagged can be avoided by choosing low profile engagement rings.

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